Wedding Planning Hacks to Help Preserve Your Sanity

Getting married can drive you crazy. Do you want a foolproof plan to avoid the most common pitfalls of wedding planning? Luckily, there are several effective hacks that can get you through those hectic months before the big day. The underlying principle is about saving money and time. Those are the two resources that engaged couples usually don’t have enough of. That’s why applying for a personal loan is the best first step in any wedding plan.

Other helpful tactics include keeping guest lists on the low side. The single biggest mistake couples make when arranging their ceremony is inviting too many guests. Another major snafu for many women and men planning to tie the knot is related to receptions. Solve several problems at once by having your ceremony and reception in the same venue. Other money and time savers include keeping invitations as simple as possible and only using one or two flower arrangements. In the end, you won’t regret employing one or more of the following hacks to make those weeks before less stressful.

Apply for a Personal Loan

Taking out a personal loan frees up your time immensely. It also gives couples the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have cash ready for all the potential costs associated with getting married. What many forget is that getting a loan can also be an excellent way to build credit for young couples. Then, there’s the timing factor. By paying in full at the time of purchase, it’s possible to save a lot on things like floral arrangements, invitations, photography, honeymoon excursions, reception expenses, and more.

Minimize the Number of Guests

The old phrase, “the more, the merrier,” does not apply to weddings. In fact, by inviting fewer guests, you save money, time, and headaches. Be careful to make a rule about how many guests each family can invite. Aim to keep the total number as low as possible and to determine it far in advance. That way, you can get a handle on total expenses associated with food, the reception space, etc.

Do an All-In-One Service and Reception

There’s a secret that can save couples plenty of money, and it’s a simple one. Hold the wedding and reception at the same venue, preferably a church. Churches routinely offer deals on nearby or attached reception areas that make it easy for members of the wedding party and all the guests to walk directly from the ceremony to the events afterward.

Keep Flowers and Photography Simple

Entertainment like music is connected to cultural identity so you might want to spend a little in these areas. But floral and photography, less so, and these fees can run quite high unless you keep them as simple as possible. Find providers who offer discount packages for smaller events. They’re out there, but it might take a bit of searching. By selecting a basic package deal on flowers and photos, couples can still enjoy a memorable day and have plenty of excellent pictures to keep for years to come.

Send Basic Invitations

Don’t get fancy with invitations. Most guests don’t expect high-end invites, and the costs can be frightfully high for a premium package. However, avoid the temptation to download a free app and print invitations yourself. Hire a professional printing service and choose a low-cost option.

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