Tom Brady makes huge claim about NFL game in Germany

Fans in Munich, Germany, got to see one of the greatest players to have ever competed in the NFL on the gridiron in the first game to have ever been held in the country on Sunday, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers managed to come out on top over the Seattle Seahawks.

Indeed, the Florida-based organization had managed to move to 5-5 on the season in front of 69,811 people in the Allianz Arena as they recorded a 21-16 victory; in a game that Tom Brady had mentioned was “one of the great football experiences that I have ever had”.

The win will have helped Tampa Bay’s chances of reaching the NFL postseason once again this year, as it handed them the sole lead of the NFC South as the Atlanta Falcons were beaten by the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football, thus dropping them back to 4-6 on the year.

Of course, reaching the playoffs means teams can compete for the Super Bowl in a knockout format, and this is when a number of fans get really excited as each game would seem to mean even more than racking up wins in the divisional games does.

Naturally, the top rankings have altered somewhat once more following a weekend filled with intriguing matches and unexpected outcomes. There is uncertainty regarding the top contender for the NFL 2022 season after the Eagles’ most recent game. Other groups have made big strides toward becoming favorites, with TB12 hoping Tampa Bay can continue to push on after its incredible experience in Germany.

Nonetheless, here are the best picks and the latest odds for the NFL 2022 season, with the Buccaneers’ +1600 well off the pace at the moment.

Buffalo Bills

It perhaps does not come as a surprise to learn that the Buffalo Bills are still at the top of the list when it comes to the available NFL odds to have been provided to punters, with it possible to find the team from New York being provided odds of +375 at the moment. Of course, with the team currently 6-3, things have not gone their own way as they find themselves third in the AFC East however they are tied with the New York Jets and one game back on the 7-3 Miami Dolphins. Many believe with Josh Allen, the Bills will catch up and take over in the race for qualification to the postseason.

Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes; the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, is exceptional at what he does, including safeguarding the football; in contrast to Allen. The fans can stop worrying about the careless play that occasionally hurts the team when he is on the team. The Chiefs are now the strongest AFC team and are also among the list of favorites to become the Super Bowl champions in 2022. The Chiefs currently are +550 to win the Super Bowl.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles had an outstanding 8-0 record going into Week 10 of the 2022 season, highlighting how strong they have been so far. The Washington Commanders were opponents they could defeat, therefore they were prepared to face them. Through their first eight games, they committed a total of three errors. Their record was broken, though, as it all came crumbling down at home against Washington, as they made very surprising and avoidable errors. The commanders took control of the possession and the yardage battle the whole game, handing the Eagles a humiliating home loss. The Eagles’ odds of winning the Super Bowl are placed at +550.

Baltimore Ravens

By dominating the AFC North Division, the Baltimore Ravens have vaulted to the top of the standings. Now that they have everything they need, they can defeat the Buffalo Bills and advance to the Super Bowl. For reaching the Super Bowl, the Ravens currently have odds that are valued at +1200 as well with a top sportsbook that fans are able to use to ensure they get the best experiences possible.

Lamar Jackson, who has been at the top of his game so far, can cause difficulties for any defense by running riot against them with his speed and talent. Also at the moment, the Ravens’ defense is also starting to perform better as the season continues to roll on. The Ravens have a strong chance of winning their division and advancing to the Super Bowl with a record of 6-3. It is anticipated that the victories will now come in large numbers as the Ravens’ remaining games are less challenging.

Final Thoughts

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be hoping that they are able to continue to live off the experiences that they had in Munich and will be looking for it to propel their Super Bowl charge, even if their odds suggest that they remain an outsider.

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