Right now Hab fans have to be wondering about owner Geoff Molson? Either he’s calling the shots and Bergy is a puppet, or he’s simply letting a really really really bad GM ruin a legendary franchise. No playoffs and bad blood equal less cash. It makes no sense for thisContinue Reading

It’s been a busy trade deadline in some ways. Ottawa was facing the biggest challenge. Out were Duchene, Stone, and Dzingel. Duchene was a disastrous mistake last year. Stone simply wasn’t going to resign with the Sens and Dzingel was a sell high situation. And the Sens needed to fillContinue Reading

I know crazy. While there’s some play off fever going on in la belle province the best situation that’s evolved this season is the recovery of high priced Goalie Carey Price. The man has value even with his contract, heck if LV can give a 30+ goalie in Marc AndreContinue Reading