Dear Tony Clement – Please Make Sure the CRTC Does Not Allow Usage Based Billing. Death to UBB! – March 27, 2011

Cornwall ON – UBB.   The CRTC is being lobbied by the Internet Carriers to have caps on your bandwidth and charge exorbinant amounts of money over and above. Where it might cost less than 1 cent to deliver a gigabyte of data some carriers like Bell or Cogeco want to charge as much as […]

Steve Jobs – What Burns Brightest Burns Shortest – Battles with Pancreatic Cancer and His Vision – February 17, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – In the movie Blade Runner the “Skin Jobs” simply do not want to die.  They want more life.  In a stunning scene their creator explains to Rutger Hauer’s character, Roy, that what burns brightest doesn’t burn longest. Steven Jobs has had quite a life.   It’s not over yet and hopefully he […]

The Cornwall Free News – 3,257 Stories, 1,793,955 page views later we celebrate our 2nd Birthday! – February 9, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – We made it to our second birthday!  Only about 15% of new companies make it to their 2nd birthday and I’m very very proud of you our viewers who have made it all possible. It’s an interesting and eye opening journey this news thing…Since February 9, 2009 the Cornwall Free News has presented […] needs you to sign their petition to help fight Internet Metering – February 9, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – has started a campaign to fight metered internet here in Canada. The CRTC just announced they will reexamine metered billing practices. They are seeking public input right now! This is a huge opportunity to stop Internet metering, and to ensure Canadians have access to an unlimited Internet. Please take a moment to […]

Epic Mural New for 2011 Season – Artist Harold Town’s abstract work reflects era of the St. Lawrence Seaway & Power Development by Kevin Lamoureux – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – A big part of this region’s cultural heritage has been reintroduced to the public at the new OPG St. Lawrence Power Visitor Centre.  As the centre prepares to re-open for the 2011 tourist season, visitors will have the opportunity to view a replica of the famous Harold Town mural.  On display in […]

Guess Whose Music Has been Stolen the Most in 2010?? December 28, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – So whose music have you been illegally downloading?   A web page purporting to have been able to compile numbers on illegal downloads has published their top ten lists for 2010! LINK Britney Spears “Telephone” is purported to be the number one illegally downloaded track. Rihanna’s “Loud” is the Album they say […]

Kindle Medium Delivers Novel Message by Roy Berger – December 4, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – The Kindle 3 With Wi-Fi, launched in September is the latest generation, electronic book reader from Amazon. Advertised at $139 it arrives in Canada at $170. The e-book reader has arrived. It’s a prime time science fiction, far out Star Trek total sum of human knowledge kind of a thing. I can’t […]

CNN Buys 177 JVC PRO HD Camcorders ( GY-HM100U) No more tape! – November 23, 2010

WAYNE, NJ – JVC Professional Products Company today announced that CNN has purchased 177 GY-HM100U ProHD camcorders, which JVC understands is the first step in a process to replace hundreds of aging, tape-based DV camcorders now in use throughout CNN’s global operations. Additional cameras are expected to be purchased by CNN in 2011. A compact, handheld […]

My gosh there is a better way than going to court to get Big Companies to listen to you! – Cornwall Ontario – November 7, 2010

Cornwall ON – So I’m watching Mr. Bob Peters make a presentation at ArtPreneur 2010 here in Cornwall Ontario yesterday; great presentation although I was bewildered at The Cornwall Free News being left out of his presentation when it came to online marketing and getting the message out.   Any time you can grow your […]

LIMEWIRE SQUEEZED DRY – Music Sharing Service Shut Down – October 28, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Limewire, the music sharing service has been shut down by Court injunction.   After losing a copyright infringement case several months ago the writing was on the wall for the pioneer in music sharing technology. LINK “disappointed with this turn of events.” “We are extremely proud of our pioneering history and have, […]

Mini Me UPDATE – The Little Camera that Could and Did being Medivac’d to JVC – Cornwall Ontario – October 15, 2010

Cornwall ON – Mini Me, the Little JVC Everio that has literally taken almost every picture and video for The Cornwall Free News since its inception in 2009 is enroute to JVC headquaters.      His condition is critical, but Mario Anzini has assured us that everything that can be done to save Mini Me […]

Nikon Coolpix L110 Digital Camera Fun and Frisky by Richard Komorowski – Cornwall Ontario – October 14, 2010

Cornwall ON – The Nikon Coolpix l110 is an advanced “entry level” digital camera.   It’s a good value for money ($249 SRP) for the amateur photographer who understands the specifications and can max them out. A high point of the camera is the lens, a 15X optical zoom (equivalent to 28mm to 420mm on […]

Facebook – First the hit movie and now an IPO – Will you buy stock? See the movie? Cornwall Ontario – September 28, 2010

Cornwall ON – Having ideas can be an amazing thing.   What Mark Zuckerberg dreamed up back in 2004 is now going to be a hit movie and there’s talk of rolling out an IPO of stock for Facebook in 2012; especially now that Facebook is pulling in the green with nearly a billion dollars […]

Affordable Electric Cars not that far away – We need more home grown solutions Canada – Cornwall Ontario – September 8, 2010

Cornwall ON – The war against fossil fuel use is taking some interesting steps; sadly not enough in North America.    While companies like GM are rolling out an electric car priced far out of the range of those who need or would want it most, Asia, or in this case Korea are addressing the […]

Island Ink Jet & Laser Toners moving around the corner to 8 3rd Street West in Downtown Cornwall Ontario – July 16, 2010

Cornwall ON – Island Inkjet & Laser Toners is on the move.     They’re going to be around the corner from their Pitt Street Location onto 8  3rd Street West right across from the Royal bank. Besides being the number one place in Downtown Cornwall to refill your cartridges Island Ink Jet & Toners […]

Is the Era of Facebook Coming to an End? By Markus Noé – Cornwall Ontario – July 14, 2010

Cornwall ON – Last month as social networking behemoths “Facebook” took a beating in blogs and newspapers around the world, their current and potential users took notice. Facebook was accused of not being able to provide adequate privacy for its users as well as selling their contact information to advertisers. As a result Facebook market […]