Did you receive your new phone book recently?  Have you noticed that the Yellow pages now include an ecoGuide?  How amazing is this…we now have recycling and repurposing information right at our finger tips. This guide lists all the local organizations and businesses that will look after your hazardous wasteContinue Reading

It may be time to circle the wagons here in Canada.  A group of politicians in the US are planting the seeds to open the NAFTA trade agreement. Created during the Mulroney era, NAFTA has been argued on both sides of the border since its inception.   This US initiativeContinue Reading

CCRI Launches Cap for Youth Project Ontario’s Environment Minister John Gerretsen came to the Cornwall Square today to launch the Cornwall Carbon Reduction Initiative’s (CCRI) new program, Cap for Youth. This was the premiere of the “Climate Awareness Project for Youth”. This project is an extension of the Liberal governmentsContinue Reading

If you have ever eaten at Burger King here in Cornwall odds are it was owned by the Larry Keen Group; an Ontario firm that owns several restaurants. As of this month most of their restaurants have been sold to a large US firm specializing in food and hospitality. RecentlyContinue Reading