April is Daffodil month for the Canadian Cancer Society. Please buy and wear the Daffodil which helps fund their research, support and advocacy programs. Call 613- 932-1283 in Cornwall for more information. The Canadian Cancer Society would probably be grateful for volunteers also. Here is an old photo from theContinue Reading

  Cornwall Ontario – April is National Volunteer month. We are so lucky to have many many great volunteers in Cornwall. You see them manning booths for such things as bake sales, having garage sales, walk-a-thons, deliver food like Meals On Wheels, golf tournaments, special dinners, etc. etc. to raiseContinue Reading

There is a reason why the Federal Government is trying to unload harbour lands across Canada.    Most are polluted or have historic environment issues that literally could cost billions of dollars to resolve. Cornwall’s harbour is so polluted that when a movement to create a beach occurred a fewContinue Reading

A new sign grading for local eateries goes into effect in 2016.    In theory it’s a great idea giving consumers a clear window via a Green card, inferring safety, yellow, and red for closed.    However in theory Communism is the best form of government which has never reallyContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – That pretty picture above is actually a slide of cancer cells.   For nearly three years CFN has been trying to glean information about Cancer rates in Cornwall Ontario to only be met with roadblocks and a total lack of disclosure and information by the very agenciesContinue Reading