Cornwall Ontario – In an announcement that will benefit everyone but the actual users of Marijuana, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne basically said. It’s all mine! The LCBO will oversee the legal retail of cannabis in Ontario through new stand-alone cannabis stores and an online order service. This approach will ensureContinue Reading

Some agendas are more clear than others.    The Ontario government makes a lot of money off of the licensing of tobacco products.   In theory those monies are supposed to offset the high medical costs of traditionally smoked tobacco. E Cigs have grown exponentially with many using them asContinue Reading

Re:  The cash crunch of commitments: uncosted spending vows lurk for Liberals, Andy Blatchford, 01/17/2016 1 The Bank of Canada can never run out of Canadian dollars, nor can the federal government which owns it.  In keeping their promises, Liberals should not be deterred by deficits, because if necessary theseContinue Reading

It should be easier for shoppers to get to Freshco after this project! Residents of Cornwall will benefit from the Marleau Avenue reconstruction project thanks to joint funding from the Governments of Canada and Ontario through the Small Communities Fund. The project involves reconstructing the urban roadway, from Marlborough StreetContinue Reading