Wynne Marijuana Legislation All About CASH. Keeps Distribution for Province 090817

Cornwall Ontario – In an announcement that will benefit everyone but the actual users of Marijuana, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne basically said.

It’s all mine!

  • The LCBO will oversee the legal retail of cannabis in Ontario through new stand-alone cannabis stores and an online order service. This approach will ensure that there will be only one legal retail distributor for cannabis in Ontario and alcohol and cannabis are not sold alongside each other.
  • Approximately 150 standalone stores will be opened by 2020, including 80 by July 1, 2019, servicing all regions of the province. Online distribution will be available across the province from July 2018 onward.
  • Illicit cannabis dispensaries are not and will not be legal retailers. The province will pursue a coordinated and proactive enforcement strategy, working with municipalities, local police services, the OPP and the federal government to help shut down these illegal operations


What this plan does is essentially gobble all retail marijuana distribution for the province.  It keeps the unions happy by having a LCBO type structure, and finally it keeps law enforcement happy in that they will still have plenty of black market law enforcement to justify their budgets.

It’s a political win win win except again, for users and consumers of marijuana.

Ontario, being the largest province in the country, will most likely see its model copied in many provinces.

The problem with this system is that the Black Market will still thrive as many consumers of marijuana distrust licensed Marijuana after multiple incidents of tainted product; in particular pesticides.

Currently there is a black/grey market of dispensaries across the country and online.   Many operate only for medical users, but far more are straight retail operations which will now be legislated closed keeping police and the court system busy.

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The press conference was held early in the morning to limit early response from BC where Cannabis is one of the largest industries in the province. If BC goes this route it would impact communities and employment on levels unseen in the rest of the country.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.



  1. This approach will ensure the maximum cost to the taxpayer and continue to fuel a grey market. A perfect Liberal win win situation which promotes bigger government control and the need to continue to reinvent the mousetrap at the publics expense. Canadian insanity at its best. Well done Wyne.

  2. The provincial government is singing the tune “Money, money, money” by Abba.

  3. How well will a bloated unionized government administrated business model fair against forced underground capitalism? Exactly! The purpose of governments in a free market democracy is not to compete with the taxpayer who fuels the system but rather only to facilitate their common needs. Welcome to socialist Ontario.

  4. Interesting to see how the proposed format will fair against a grey market cost of less than 3 dollars a gram. There is no doubt in my mind that this Liberal decision is going to cost the taxpayer dearly. People opposed get your wallets out.

  5. Author

    David there are online dispensaries selling marijuana for as low as $50 an ounce.

  6. This sure isn’t the society that I want to live in with a bunch of drugged up mush for brains and I cant wait to be zapped up with my family by the Good Lord to leave this evil earth. The government is only a cash cow and the health of the stupid idiots is going to pay for that. One day hubby and I were walking in the park and some man was smoking that evil stuff and it stunk to high heaven.

  7. Sure, it’s an attempted cash/tax/whatever grab… and while the Ontario government has erred from the standpoint of business acumen — it has at least erred on the side of caution. After all, who needs a gold rush mentality followed by the “ABC Liquor store-like” American landscape.

    When “the tumult and the shouting dies”, the public can then be served in a safe, orderly and expeditious manner.

  8. $1200.00 buys a pound of medium quality Admin grown by individuals who know what they are doing as they have been doing it for years. Online ounces for $50.00 nets a quick $200.00 and the price continues in a downward trend. A government system can only compete at a tremendous cost to the taxpayer. Poor decision by the sitting government.

  9. Author

    David weed is so easy and inexpensive to grow that it’ll be difficult for licensed dispensaries to compete, especially without taking shortcuts like getting caught using pesticides, etc…..

  10. Admin how can an administratively heavy unionized government run delivery system compete against a free enterprise minimum wage already in place system? Answer; By being heavily subsidized by the taxpayer. How much gets added to the cost of liquor to pay salaries and gold plated benefits?

  11. Author

    That’s why this won’t work. Making wine and spirits is more difficult than growing weed.

  12. Quebec and BC will likely remain the go to provinces where free enterprise will likely continue to be the model of choice. Hard to beat next day delivery from across the country. Why would you waste time and gas going to a brick and mortar location?

  13. Author

    instant gratification and the shopping experience – you would get to see various strains before buying

  14. Cash grab by the Wynne government and by ther LCBO.

  15. I only hope they have variety, like high CBD strains, however I realize this is for recreational purposes. This won’t work though, not properly. It’s just like the carbon tax and “climate change”, no one really cares about the issue at hand, it’s all about how much $ they can vacuum from our pockets. Sickening. Only one here that wins is the black market. Gov competing with Joe on the corner LOL

  16. Jerry the legalization of Pot is only a cash cow for the stupid government. Do you all think that taxing us to the gills is going to improve carbon emissions in the air. This has happened for hundreds and thousands of years about the climate that changed on its own and back then there were no cars and other vehicles nor were there homes heated by gas, oil, etc. Soon they will tax us for farting

  17. Jules I can always count on you for a good laugh. You sound like you need some of the Devil’s Lettuce.

  18. Author

    a lot of that lettuce Mike 🙂

  19. Once it’s legal to grow your own, not too many people will be lining up to buy overpriced store-bought happiness.

  20. Mike Hunt no tanks I don’t need no devils lettuce. I don’t need anything to make me happy or to fall asleep or put me in a state of laughter or whatever. I don’t like taking as much as an aspirin and I don’t smoke cigarettes nor drink alcohol. I have one drink per year at Christmas and that is it for me. Growing marijuana destroys a house and I would never buy ever again.

  21. Jamie cops are really going to earn their $100K and more chasing after drivers under the influence of marijuana. Many people will lose control of their vehicles and we know of a man that this happened to years ago. Now this man is deceased only my age and has drank and used marijuana till the cows come home and he got cancer and died. I wouldn’t want to live in Cornwall with that hash plant.

  22. Mike Hunt if I had any of that Devil Lettuce I may come out with things that Jamie cannot print and I would be in a hell of a lot of trouble. LOL LOL. ROLF! I am just naturally wacky without any help from that wacky substance called Devils Lettuce. If Jamie printed some of the stuff that I could come out with he would have a mighty wacky paper. I am laughing myself to pieces before I turn in

  23. Author

    Jules I already can’t print most of what you send in.

  24. Jamie I know why you cannot print most of what I send in and not because of wackiness because it is all very true and if people knew the truth about what is going on it would scare the living hell out of them and their deep sleep. I was just on something and will go back and it answered many questions throughout time. Yes I know about how journalism works and what you are going through.

  25. Jamie I know about some of the journalism rules that I have learned a while ago and I can send in all the jokes as long as there is no hurt but something to laugh at. I know why most of what I send does not get published on line. People would be shocked to know the truth of the real world around us. Jamie you are the best and I mean that no matter what you are the best.

  26. Author

    Jules it’s not complicated. Try to simply post a comment that actually related to the story or comment. You can’t make false statements of fact. You can’t be nasty, especially as you’re posting under a pseudonym. (that means your nicknames for certain politicians) We’re here to inform and entertain. It’s that simple.

  27. I know Jamie and I appreciate what you do and I mean that. Cornwall doesn’t know that they have one of the best people living down there and that is yourself and I am telling you the truth. I have more laughs than you can ever imagine possible. There are times that I get so angry but cannot do anything. Bad drivers out and nothing but emergency vehicles on the go.

  28. Mike Hunt be on the lookout for me on a flying broom over your house on Halloween. I will join Tammy flying over Cornwall and scaring the hell out of everyone. You cant get rid of me I am here for a great many laughs. LOL LOL. I needed that before turning in for the night. Look up way up on Halloween I may be flying over Cornwall and area and even scaring pumpkins and ghosts.

  29. Cash cow for the LCBO and the Ontario government. Medicinal marijuana should be dispensed by pharmacies, they have the infrastructure already in place. As for recreational marijuana that should be left to private enterprise. The LCBO is set up for high profit. Private enterprise can do it better and cheaper.

  30. This marijuana (hashish) is a joke and dangerous for ones health. There is a neighbor on my floor who smokes this garbage and Friday there was a notice posted on his door since neighbors are complaining. Get real about the most important issues – Canada and Ontario are toast – gone – capoute.

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