Some interesting facts are creeping out of the Fontaine case. For example, why did she end up teaching in Brockville after what happened at Char Lan? Did the UCDSB pull a Project Truth move and shuffle a party with an issue to a new location? The teacher pled no contestContinue Reading

In our earlier story exposing the incident of SHERYL FONTAINE, a Soccer Coach at Char Lan and a student. LINK more questions begged to be answered than information disclosed? After all, the incident allegedly occurred nearly FIVE years ago with no mention by the OPP or other media. In aContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – Locally people are fighting to save their local schools, especially in rural areas like South Glengarry, where the people supporting Char-Lan are putting up a great battle including the video below shot by students Lloyd Rozon, and Harry Tieman. The group has also created a facebook page forContinue Reading