Did I hear anything about the young girl that took her own life? For the second time in two years I was queried that recently. We don’t like to talk about suicide. The police do not put it on the blotter. Here in Cornwall they refused to give me anyContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – After complaints from multiple countries, including right here in Cornwall in Canada, the Cornwall Community Hospital has decided to discontinue their relationship with Patient Direct as of May 2018. Jolene Soares sent a communication from Hospital President & CEO Jeanette Despatie Friday afternoon confirming the details. WeContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The province has an actual useful website that gives you data on surgical wait times.   With Cornwall having a higher level of seniors I thought I’d run some numbers based on historical issues that many seniors face. While the community has to its credit come upContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – With the province rationing health care times a big question that’s starting to loom is whether this City is paying a price for electing Conservative Jim McDonell not once, but twice during this near 15 year run of Liberal governments in the province. Not only that, butContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – So whose made the most money in Cornwall on this year’s Sunshine list that was just released by the province of Ontario? The Sunshine list includes those on the public purse who earn more than $100,000 per year. Mostly health care officials, fire, police, and areas includingContinue Reading