Cornwall Ontario –   Our city councilor here in Cornwall, Claude McIntosh,  actually once wrote about me having to do all the jobs here at CFN as though it were something to be embarrassed about or amateur.   Of course he’s participated on a City Council that boycotts this newspaper and inContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Poor Hugo Rodrigues.   I say that in jest.  The former President of the Canadian Association of Journalism spewed a rant over our pathetic Ministry of Culture, Melanie Joly’s, new whatchamacalit thingy where essentially the biggest gloat was Netflix spending $500M creating content in Canada.  Nothing against Netflix,Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – You’ll be seeing some changes on CFN in 2017.  We have columnists starting from all across Canada.   We are spreading our wings as a media outlet.  Instead of a regional outlet we will be working our way to being more of a National platform. Thanks to ourContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Adam Brazeau is a young man that is a journalist for TC Media owned Seaway News in Cornwall Ontario.    He’s covers ground that editor Todd Lihou doesn’t as opposed to won’t. Last night, before he appeared at the SASS Walk a Mile in Her Shoes eventContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – St. Lawrence College Cornwall campus put to death its journalism program officially. While not surprising, it’s a sad tale that shows an ineffective, and ignorant side to the college which refused to embrace the realities of the very industry it was supposed to be training people toContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – The Canadian Association of Journalists and Sun Media’s Standard Freeholder Editor Hugo Rodgrigues burned a source live on Twitter this morning. Incensed over his interpretation of a CFN story Mr. Rodrigues went on the war path on social media calling out this writer and calling moi aContinue Reading

  CFN – That gentleman on the left is Don McCurdy.  He’s the Executive Director  over at the Ontario Press Council. My journey of journalism that now is in its sixth year has been an adventure.It really has. This year Don entered “my movie” although he was supposed to enter lastContinue Reading