Cornwall Ontario – After years of labour peace it seems giving managers double digit raises while freezing hiring and wages for union staff leads to Strike votes. CUPE issued the following: Cornwall municipal workers give their union overwhelming strike mandate CORNWALL, ON – Municipal workers in Cornwall have given their unionContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   I live in a very strange community.   Here in Cornwall the people that clean city hall can’t run for council.  Yet Elaine MacDonald, President of the Labour Council, can. That’s letting the fox in the henhouse when it comes to the staff that make theContinue Reading

And here she is folks, Cornwall’s dime-store version of Tony Blair, Daniel Ortega, and Hosni Mubarak. In honour of Elaine MacDonald’s 7 years of treacherous collaboration with the corrupt Trudeau-McGuinty-Wynne Liberal Party establishment and her resulting betrayal of artists, home owners, seniors, taxpayers, workers, and small business owners in CornwallContinue Reading