Cornwall Ontario – A weak council has essentially allowed runaway management raises and hirings, labour unrest, a record budget increase, and general communication breakdowns with media outlets including this one. This month alone we have had to deal with a new public information officer not having CFN on her mediaContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – There are rules for In Camera meetings for a reason.    Past councils of Cornwall, including many current members have been sanctioned for violating them in the past. Now apparently they simply are trying to rewrite their rule book putting all the pressure on Clerk Manon LevesqueContinue Reading

Conrad Black: Quebec is now the beacon of astute economic policy in this country While Quebec becomes an economic leader, most of English Canada is waddling through the wet cement of applied social democratic truisms. Quebec is outpacing Canada economically, for the first time since the piping days of MauriceContinue Reading

Oh look, another BREAKING story about City Hall in the Seaway News?   The TC Media paper has a sitting City Councillor on the payroll in one Claude McIntosh. The long time former Standard Freeholder lawsuit attractor doesn’t write these stories, but there does seem to be a large volumeContinue Reading