Did Cornwall Councilor Claude McIntosh Leak Finn Termination to The Seaway News? JUNE 16, 2016

Oh look, another BREAKING story about City Hall in the Seaway News?   The TC Media paper has a sitting City Councillor on the payroll in one Claude McIntosh.

The long time former Standard Freeholder lawsuit attractor doesn’t write these stories, but there does seem to be a large volume of “scoops” coming from City Hall directly to the Seaway News.

Some of them are odd.  For example the City spent energy trying to get a gag deal in place over the Kilger T Shirt Lawsuit only to see it exposed in…. The Seaway News, which resulted in a news release over the issue.

The irony, is that without a gag deal, CFN had not written about the suit because frankly, at one point I really liked Bob Kilger and he has enough life issues.

It begs the question whether City Hall should be stopping up leaks or looking at issues such as those elected to office possibly abusing privileged information.

Seaway News has been told the decision to part ways with Finn was made solely by the corporation.

The “Breaking” story does not cite the source and it clearly doesn’t appear to be that of CEO Maureen Adams.  Clearly if this quote is true, which has not officially been verified, it could only come from a close source to the decision.

Retired CAO & Clerk Paul Fitzpatrick & Denise Labelle Gelinas with Mayor Kilger on Election night.
Retired CAO & Clerk Paul Fitzpatrick & Denise Labelle Gelinas with Mayor Kilger on Election night 2010.

Finn was hired during the Paul Fitzpatrick melt down which saw long time clerk Denise Labelle Gelinas retire rather than be investigated.

denise kilger for mayor

It was odd to see a City Clerk actively supporting one candidate for mayor as well as complaints from candidate Mark MacDonald, now councilor, about her conduct during his run for mayor two elections ago.

The big question, is will council now promote Deputy Clerk Manon Levesque who was snubbed over in the hiring of Finn?

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Is it time to plug up the leaks from City Hall?  You can post your comments below.


  1. I once had an email discussion with Todd Lihou about Claude McIntosh. As per his agreement with the CSN he was not supposed to write about politics, but he was constantly commenting on things he shouldn’t as a councillor. Lately he hasn’t writing about politics. T

  2. Todd Lihou said they had enough sources at city hall they didn’t need Claude McIntosh to leak info.It just seems funny all the info is “released” by the CSN first and everyone else after that. Very strange indeed. And being a councillor Claude would have access to the Helen Finn story before any other “source.” CSN needs to tighten their rules or cut ties with CM if people will believe them.

  3. Morning Jamie,,,,, Perhaps, our gutless Council can right a terrible wrong & install our very capable Deputy Clerk into the big girls chair ? It was criminal at best, what the previous Administration did to this lady !

  4. As some have said “perception is reality, reality is perception.”

  5. The entire town of Cornwall is one big enormous corruption sesspool that needs to be cleaned out entirely and start fresh. I have seen it for years and it isn’t anything new but much worse as time went on. It is like hiding Hillary Clinton’s treasonous e-mails, etc because one person has information hanging over the other and everything can explode to the surface if told to the public.

  6. Conc. Rivette,,,,,, Just did an extensive investigation, the present Deputy Clerk, actually lives right here in Cornwall ! Andre, can you believe that, if she’s promoted (as she should) she would be one of the very, very, very few administrators that support our City, by living within our borders ? The ultimate slap in the face, is the amount of fire personnel that reside elsewhere.

  7. The “fuster clucks” on Cornwall’s roadways are a direct result of indifferent traffic and planning departments, staffed by out-of-towners.

    The intersections of: Vincent Massey or Brookdale and 13th Street, McConnell and 9th or Marleau Avenue, the convoluted and screwed up bicycle lanes on 2nd Street (a fatality coming soon) and, traffic lights that are synchronized only if you’re on horseback.

  8. LOL LOL. ROLF! Lassie you have me on the floor literally laughing to beat the band. LOL LOL. I have to keep retyping since I can hardly see the monitor and so much laughter. Well that is an excellent explanation about the lights with horseback riding. I wouldn’t live inside of Cornwall but on the very far areas near Ottawa as far away from Cornwall as possible.

  9. In saying “entire town of Cornwall is one big enormous corruption cesspool” I hope you have proof and not more of the “I know because I know” rhetoric. If not you owe the citizens of Cornwall an apology. Enough is enough!!

  10. Lassie, If you are upset about our incredible planning, regarding traffic, bicycle lanes, major intersections etc,, you had better start following the Waterfront Committee. Yes, that’s the same group, that just about brought you “CONDO’s in the PARK” ! They are discussing turning the south side of Water. St, into one-way traffic .

  11. Hugger Cornwall is so mighty screwed up that the entire system is as dysfunctional and screwed up as anything can be. I just read what Danny Williams posted about the idiot bunch in charge of condos, etc. want to make Water Street one way. LOL LOL. ROLF! I always fell off my chair with so much laughter. This is the best place to come for a good laugh because nothing works well in Cornwall.

  12. Morning Jamie, Any info on last nights Waterfront Committee-Heart of the City meeting, regarding the implementation of allowing parking on the south side of Water Street ?

  13. Author

    Not as of yet….

  14. Well Jules the south side of Water St is one way, just as the north side of Water St is one way.

    “Dysfunctional and screwed up”, that might describe Cornwall. But I think it describes Ottawa much better. Jimbo Watson and his legacy project the LRT is dysfunctional and screwed up.

  15. Last time I checked the Waterfront Committee/Heart of the City does not decide about the implementation of allowing parking on the south side of Water Street. Parking bylaws are decided by city council, not a committee. And council has been turning down a few committee “suggestions” lately.

  16. Hi Hugger, I also, have been following this ridiculous idea of allowing parking on the south side of Water Street, near Lamoureux Park . Parking bylaws, as you clearly stated are the responsibility of Council, not the “WFC-Heart of the City” ! Hopefully, Council will nix this stupidity in the bud ?

  17. Hugger the LRT is needed and Ottawa has grown a lot and yesterday I heard gun shots nearby and most likely with the time we will be getting out of Ottawa because it has gone insane with all the drugs and gangs, etc. Ottawa is no longer what it used to be and not a place to raise a family. No kidding gun shots heard nearby and I am very frightened.

  18. Bill Parisien I am happy to see you posting. Keep it up.

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