I know.  What an odd picture to header a column, but then, this is an odd town with an ever odder City Council. The problem is the old adage, “You get the politicians you deserve.” After all, this is a town that over 4,000 people voted for Robert Brock Frost,Continue Reading

It’s very rare that this Cornwall Council does the right thing.  That’s why it was pleasantly odd to see them do exactly that over the Glen Stor Dun Lodge Pharmacy RFP as I wrote about it after that fateful Monday evening.  LINK In that piece I posted this question: MondayContinue Reading

Monday night was a rarity for this council.   It did the right thing and rejected the recommdation from City Staff to give an Ottawa firm the pharmacy contract to Glen Stor Dun Lodge, or long term care facility. Previously it had been with local long time pharmacy Medical ArtsContinue Reading

The buck stops at the Mayor as he is the leader.   Council dictates policy which in a perfect world is enacted by management.   Then again sometimes management dictates to a weak and ignorant council lacking vision, leadership, and direction. For the second term in a row Council hasContinue Reading