Cornwall Ontario – Michelle Matos, one of the franchise owners here in Cornwall wanted to clarify her stores position after our story of yesterday where customers and workers are upset with draconian measure being taken by some outlets after Minimum wages were increased to $14 per hour as of JanuaryContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   It’s tough being number one sometimes.  It means the jealous kids won’t play with you much; at least the underdeveloped and really immature ones. For example I have a lot of media peers outside of Cornwall that I get along with, and even sometimes collaborate with, butContinue Reading

MPP Jim McDonell and Conservatives Vote Against $15 Minimum Wage   [Queen’s Park] This afternoon Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell along with Patrick Brown’s PC caucus voted against historic changes to raise Ontario’s general minimum wage. In public comments over the last few months PC leader Patrick Brown said thatContinue Reading

CFN – A Minimum wage rise in Ontario is making imports more profitable for exporters from China, India, and other countries while killing manufacturing jobs in Ontario and making it harder for those on fixed incomes to survive.  It will make Wal-Mart more money while penalizing those who work forContinue Reading