Cornwall Ontario – The city of Cornwall Ontario spends approximately 1,531, 850 per month for policing.   Based on their own released numbers for the Month of October of 1,370 calls for service or eligible incidents the grand total per call/incident is a whopping:  $1,118.14! As the city wrestles with runawayContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The Police Board of Cornwall, led by Cornwall City Councilor Andre Rivette, announced that Deputy Chief Danny Aikman has been appointed the title of Designated Chief as of January 1st, 2018 to replace Chief Dan Parkinson on January 1, 2019. It is this writer’s opinion that thisContinue Reading

Fraud is a huge crime issue facing many communities.    They take immense resources from law enforcement and the legal system, yet here in Cornwall many are not even investigated. The standard line of recent vintage cases from the CCPS is that investigations can take five months. Now many inContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – The Canadian Association of Journalists and Sun Media’s Standard Freeholder Editor Hugo Rodgrigues burned a source live on Twitter this morning. Incensed over his interpretation of a CFN story Mr. Rodrigues went on the war path on social media calling out this writer and calling moi aContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Should all or some of the members of the Cornwall Ontario police board have to resign due to the upcoming Municipal elections? Mayor Kilger sits on the board as a “Citizen Representative” and his campaign manager Pat Finucan is the chair.  Cornwall Councilor Andre Rivette is runningContinue Reading