CORNWALL Ontario – Is Mayor Kilger and his council after the RCAF Wing ?   According to documents from Committee meetings it appears that the Wing is in play and part of the secret closed door Divestiture meetings taking place during the last year of this term. With Mayor KilgerContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Mark A. MacDonald, Fundraising Chair of RCAFA Wing 424, announced today that all proceeds from the fundraiser Variety Show & Dinner on Saturday March 29th, will donated to the BFO- Cornwall & Area in honour of the late Mr. Si Miller and his family. “Si touched soContinue Reading

The “Cornwall Is My Place” inspirational evening that is being organized by the City and their CONSULTANTS, is a complete joke. . Our elected officials do not need to have another meeting for public input. . The public has been telling them about our beautiful waterfront for years and yet chemical tanksContinue Reading