A massive Snow storm is about to hit the Cornwall Ontario area with over 30cm of snow Tuesday with another 10 or so expected Wednesday. Temperatures will warm up from our current -15c Tuesday morning to near the zero mark. Morning is the time to stock up if you haven’tContinue Reading

Nobody should be surprised as predictions of this storm have started mid week, but it’s starting to blow and it’s a rare mix of very cold temperatures and heavy snowfall with as many as 30cm predicted in some regions of Eastern Ontario. Here in Downtown Cornwall it’s -22c at CFNContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   The temperature will warm up as snow hits us starting tonight.  Currently it’s -10 in Downtown Cornwall Ontario.   The snow starts into the night and expect Friday to be wet and messy with a high near zero. The good news is that he weekend should be aContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Buses Cancelled again.  This time for a pending snow alert.  We’re waking up to 15c with more rain which has caused some flooding.   The snow isn’t scheduled to start until the evening which makes this alert kinda hinky. We’re expecting as much as 15cm of snow overnightContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Here comes the snow!  Expect as many as 20cm of snowfall between Monday night and Wednesday morning as temps stay cold with a high tonight of only -10c before the snow really picks up. Wednesday and Thursday will see lows of near -20c!   Dress warm, drive safe,Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – 30 vehicle pile ups on the 401.  Wet icy snow, and March break have led to a treacherous Tuesday.  Overnight and into Wednesday the snow and cold will continue with as much as 25cm more snow expected in some areas.   ‼️HWY 401 between Mallorytown and LansdowneContinue Reading