Cornwall Ontario – Corruption is not new to Cornwall.   Sadly it’s in the culture.  Bullying and ignorance is far too common.   This writer experienced it first hand during my time saving our former Art Gallery before it ultimately folded simply because of the insane politics of this area.    IContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The last stages of the end of the thirty six year old public art gallery of Cornwall are about to start.  The location itself closed in August. The gallery’s permanent art collection; mostly collected during the 90’s in more friendly tax receipt days, will be going to auction.Continue Reading

A lot of good people have been hurt this year trying to save the City of Cornwall’s public art gallery.   From years of historic corruption, poor governance, and a lack of support in a community that is very very weak artistically the final insults to decency were delivered thisContinue Reading

The problem with media is that sometimes, really bad journalists with really poor integrity can take innocent bits of an answer and build a perspective that creates an entirely different meaning. Today the Seaway News issued yet another hatchet job against TAG Cornwall, the city’s 34 year old public artContinue Reading

Yes, I know, I’ve got emails from many of you complaining that I haven’t been writing as much here on CFN these past months. The truth is since January of this year I’ve been spending 40-60 hours per week trying to save our 33 year old institution that is ourContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Tonight council will most likely be giving out nearly $50K to an architectural firm for a feasibility study to create an arts centre in Cornwall or as many in our city are calling it, an utter waste of tax dollars. The community has written cheques to outContinue Reading

YAC (Your Arts Council) announced today that it was moving away from having an Executive Director and cutting ties with Bruce Davis. Davis had been with YAC since it’s political inception with Community Futures under Francois Desormeaux. YAC had stated at the budget hearings that it needed cash from theContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – In an odd twist of events the City Report from staff to council to be presented Monday night excludes The Art Gallery of Cornwall.  The city’s 33 year old public gallery was left off of the report to council of groups to confer with regarding the cityContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – There may be something that artists in Cornwall Ontario can learn from Firefighters.    The charade that has been this year’s budget committee has given lip service to cutting taxes. With half of council having signed a pledge to do so it seems the only things cutContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – First he was on the board of YAC (Your Arts Council) and then he was off, rumored to be regarding a…..Conflict of Interest. Next Eric Covington joined up with TAG’s new board (The Art Gallery of Cornwall).    TAG, going through it’s third board in less than fiveContinue Reading