Have a Good Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Joke? Best Wins the Cash! Contest Ends June 1, 2013

Have a Good Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Joke?  Best Wins the Cash!  Contest Ends June 1, 2013

rob fordCFN – I’m blown away by some of the Rob Ford jokes, images, and videos floating around the net, especially this piece by the great Jon Stewart, America’s most trusted News voice even though it’s the fake news!

There have been so many funny bits I thought we should have a contest.  So I consulted our budget and we have been able to round up $8.57…in Canadian funds!  My gosh he plays football like he’s on crack!

So post your Rob Ford joke, image, or video below and if  you get the most votes and highest rating you win the loot!  All $8.57!  In Canadian!

You can be anywhere in the world.  We’ll Paypal you the $8.57 Canadian anyplace on the planet!

It’s not up to you people while we all wait for the Rob Ford video to eventually hit the net which it probably should within a week.

Remember if you don’t post you can’t win!

Milena Cardinal

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13 Comments on "Have a Good Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Joke? Best Wins the Cash! Contest Ends June 1, 2013"

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What is Rob Ford favorite billiards game?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8 ball


Rob Ford was stopped at the border, they found 50lbs of crack


Rob Ford announces his new plan for instant subway expansion, “First, we get a really big pipe …”


Getting ready for his next career as a Plumber, he already has the crack!

Any winnings can be donated to Galganov.com


Best mayor ever.


Toronto has a crack issue, and mayor Ford is cleaning up.

PJ Robertson

Move over, Stephen Harper. Rob Ford is on a roll.


He couldn’t make it as a mayor so i guess he is a rock star.


What does nickleback and rob ford have in common they both want to be a rock star.

Shank Parker
Doug Ford says to his brother Rob, “Christmas is on a Friday this year.” Rob replies, “Let’s hope it’s not the 13th.” A woman phones her neighbor across the street and says, “Mayor Ford, close your curtains the next time you and your wife are having sex. The whole street was watching and laughing at you yesterday.” Rob replies, “Well the joke’s on all of you because I wasn’t even at home yesterday.” Rob is in a hotel bathroom in Florida and his wife shouts, “Did you find the shampoo?” He answers, “Yes, but I’m not sure what to do…… Read more »

Give the man some credit to deal with this.
Hes been dealt some serious blow in his time.
Maybe he did crack under pressure?
There will be some Chrystal blue sky’s ahead.
Just ask Molly who meth with him the other day, this smoke will blow over.
What are we Basing these allegations on?
This man has been like a rock for the city.
A man of Iron i say..
This Man has been on spoon and needles trying to keep the city Together.


call rob what you want but dont call him late for stupor


rob ford has given up crack entirely, he is now addicted to cold turkey