What Cornwall Ontario Municipal Election Candidates Will Have to Stand For to Earn a CFN Endorsement in 2014 by Jamie Gilcig

What Cornwall Ontario Municipal Election Candidates Will Have to Stand For to Earn a CFN Endorsement in 2014 by Jamie Gilcig

jg2CFN – I get asked a lot if I will be running in the next municipal election here in Cornwall Ontario.    I have written that if somehow mayor Kilger survives politically and decides to run again I’d run against him as mayor, but not many think that the mayor will finish his term.   His cabal will support him as long as the city has some money left in its treasury to hire lawyers to do his bidding, but like OJ Simpson the court of Public Opinion has convicted him ages ago.

Last election I did consider running for council; but a little birdie warned me off.  They tweeted that the election wouldn’t be clean and it certainly looked like they may have been correct.

The rest is history; ugly, corrupt history; that has cost the city of Cornwall millions in scandalous wastes of taxpayer money while accomplishing little more than some back door condo development.

Cornwall needs a clean up; but it will take more than one or even a handful of people to change.

So I decided to issue my platform of issues that would be critical to get an endorsement from CFN for any political candidate in Cornwall in 2014.

The 1% Solution.

For any candidate to gain my support they’d need to guarantee that taxes would be chopped by 1% in each of the next four years without cutting services.

I know.  Easier said than done; but you have to remember that the near 3% raises in taxes the last few years have been over voodoo magic kind of expenses; mostly legal and not traditional services.     A strong mayor and council would lean on each department asking them to find savings that would contribute to hitting the target.

Frankly if those targets could not be met then anyone on council should resign unless they campaigned to raise taxes and good luck on that one.

A New Conflict of Interest Policy

bobfitzydeniseOne of the best ways to find some tax savings is to eliminate the gross conflict of interest abuses that hold Cornwall down.  There are many benefits besides pecuniary and optics count too.   If you’re the President of the Labour Board locally then you sure as heck should not be privy to any city positions when it comes to labour and labour negotiations.   Heart of the City is a wonderful concept; but to have a paid staffer on council making budget decisions?

The Mayor and a councilor on a committee asking the city for money participating and voting on that decision?

Having staff not only have their own businesses in the lines of work that they perform in, but also win city tenders and contracts?   A city job isn’t too shabby.  I’m all for local biz; but should you be having your cake and eating it too.

Fitzy feb 2012A New Whistleblowing Policy

After the Hickley and Shay cases it’s evident that Cornwall doesn’t really have a Whistleblowing policy; at least not an effective one.

Maybe something like what they’re doing in Sacramento California LINK  ?

The Whistleblower Hotline launched a little more than a year ago, although promotion of the toll free number and web report form (that is now being managed by a third party which can guarantee anonymity) only began recently.

“It has been a very good benefit of providing the hotline in this manner. People are more comfortable coming forward if they do not have to reveal their identity,” said Oseguera.

To date, there have been more than 100 calls. The auditor reports the findings in a report, every six months.

“We’ve been able to conduct several investigations, a few of which, we’ve been able to substantiate and I think by informing the employees and the citizens of Sacramento of this new service, we’re able to provide a very useful deterrent to employees committing acts that are inappropriate, knowing that someone can anonymously report that inappropriate activity through the hotline.”

Bob "Vienna Sausage" Peters

In 2012, the city was rocked by scandal. Headlines on newspapers and on local TV newscast read, “Credit card corruption by city staffers.”

Change council to the Ward System

Frankly 10 councilors appointed to committees as cookies by the mayor has not cut it.   Councilors or Aldermen(women) need to represent their voters 365 days per year.   Decisions on where to put facilities and support areas would be very different if this were the case as well as allotment of resources.    Cornwall needs this.

A Recall Device

Many governments have recall language.    IE if X percentage of the population or council demands it an individual councilor or the Mayor could get the chop.   There has to be ways of keeping elected officials truly accountable without spending millions in litigation.

Bob n Fitzy May 14 2012An Investigation into Fitzy/Kilger Gate

The taxpayers need a true accounting of this mess.  They need to know who was responsible and who should lose their jobs and/or have city lawyers go after to try and recover tax dollars spent in the continued cover ups.   We need to send a clear message that the City of Cornwall will not stand for abuse of tax dollars or elected office and that there are actual penalties; not only to punish those guilty of it, but  to deter others who might do the same.

Better Public Transportation

Fitzy/Kilgergate alone could have floated my concept of a pilot project to have free public transportation which I feel would be a social and economic development shot in the arm and something that would benefit the entire community.

An Intercity Transportation Task Force

For Cornwall to grow we need much better public transportation.  We need a focus to make sure that Cornwall is easy to visit and commute to; especially to and from the City of Ottawa.   We can no longer stick our heads in the sand and allow our services to slowly crumble.

Downtown Revitalization Initiative

The city needs to be more proactive; as our neighbors in Brockville have been in revitalizing their downtown core.   Cornwall will never be a destination until we have a downtown and waterfront strip of attractions.   While that’s easier said than done every journey, short or long, easy or difficult, always starts with a first step.

Transparency & Accountability

Council meetings should have a portion of time allotted that the public can ask a question.   The public should also be able to bring policy issues to council in an easier manner.   Situations like Beavergate should never occur again.  The future mayor and council have to understand that they are elected to serve; not to dictate.   I also would like to see more questions asked of the public via ballot.

Branding and Promotion

Our Economic Development needs a total revamping.   We need more than a swirl.

Cornwall Logo

We need to find our soul and revamp our brand.  We need the City of Cornwall to stand for positive things and not be connatated negatively and that starts at home.   We need our own residents feeling better about Cornwall and the only way that can change is by doing more for our city residents.

That could include annexing the Lift Off organization and no longer having the term “Volunteer Board” be an excuse for failure and exclusivity.  No more Rick Shaver’s drunk in the VIP tent complaining about the Welfare Bums sitting in the chairs outside of the fence.

We need to take the fences down.  Ribfest showed not so much a love for sugar sauce slathered pork; but for everyone to be able to have a good time whether they drive gas guzzling Envoy’s or have to walk.   Cornwall needs to be more Democratic if we’re going to all pull together and if we can do that then we can build a city we all can benefit and be proud of.

This is just a brief list of subjects.    This is what I’m looking for from Candidates seeking election endorsements and who will get to use our new Endorsement logo in the upcoming election.

What are you looking for in 2014 Cornwallites?  You can post your comments below.

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25 Comments on "What Cornwall Ontario Municipal Election Candidates Will Have to Stand For to Earn a CFN Endorsement in 2014 by Jamie Gilcig"

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As a former candidate, endorsed by CFN in the 2010 Ontario Municipal Election, I am so glad to be the first here to announce to all that I fully intend to run again for council in the 2014 October election in 446 days or roughly 64 weeks (but who’s counting). I have recently been thinking about my stategy for this campaign run and I soon will be posting here my concerns, thoughts and comments on this story.


strategy- sorry this page does not have spell check.


Great start to a stellar campaign


The town of Cornwall sure does need a complete overhaul and Jamie the ward system should be restored and make them all accountable.

There are times that I think that you would make a good councellor and even a good mayor. Maybe go for councellor to see how it is. So much infighting and back stabbing – I sure wouldn’t want it at all. I cannot deal with children fighting like the way some do. A lot of people are there not for the good of the community but for their own pocket.


You have my vote Jamie ,I am all for cleaning up this mess we call Cornwall.

Good platforms -hey that beachfront still a good idea !

Perhaps I can work as a consultant on your team ..LOL,
As you know I am very diplomatic in my postings on here !

So what do you say ?…..lol.lol

Cory Cameron

Jamie, you wrote:

“Highlander I really hope that we can find 10 better candidates to support than myself”

This is the exact attitude of a true leader though Jamie! One of humble, honest intentions.

The leaders who sincerely think that there are others that would do a better job than themself usually maintain their integrity.

I hope this posting is not viewed as a pressure for you to run, Jamie.


don’t run, we need you to write

I know the election is a long time away but since Jamie asked for comment in this article I have added my views. 1. I fully intend to run again for a seat at Council in the next election. 2. I agree with admin that the last election was dirty. Probably the reason for “WE DID IT” by the city clerk. 3. As I consistantly said last time Cornwall needs change and needs to be cleaned up.I told you so but the 40% who did vote did not listen. 4. i disagree with Admin on the 1% solution. Last time… Read more »

@Gary….How do you expect to achieve all these things and still maintain a 1% decrease in taxes? Also, telling the majority of voters that they should be embarrassed and hang their heads in shame for voting in current council is maybe not such a good idea. You catch more bees with honey.

to Gimme a Break I never said I could decrease taxes by 1% each year in fact I disagreed with Jamie in this issue. Also, I said the 40% who voted in Kilger and Co. last time (the clique) should hang their heads in shame. How can they be happy with the mess this crew left us with. The truth should wake them up to get it right this time.Majority of voters, the other 60% have lots of time to see the shape of our city thanks to 7 years of incompetence of Bobby and the boys and 2 girls… Read more »
Gary, kudos to you for laying out your platform on a public forum. Unfortunately after reading it you will not be getting my vote in the next election. Here are some points/questions on your platform to give you an idea why. Please take it as constructive criticism to improve your platform over the next 64 weeks. 1. “I fully intend to run again for a seat at Council in the next election.” ——— Good for you, the more candidates the better the choice. 2. “I agree with admin that the last election was dirty. Probably the reason for “WE DID… Read more »

I would never vote for someone who has nothing good to say about anything or anyone. There is enough negativity in this city without electing someone who is negative.

I would never vote for someone who likes mud slinging nor someone who runs a campaign on personal attacks or putdowns.

I would vote for someone with maturity, integrity, focus intelligence and professionalism who doesn’t have his own personal agenda.

Word of mouth just don’t cut it……

Mr. Samler you and Jamie would have 100% my vote if I were living in Cornwall. I sure do agree with your transportation ideas and even to go outside of Cornwall like Long Sault, Ingleside and Morrisburg. Sundays as well. People need to change and that is the whole truth and I have said that so many times. Forget that dirty, lowlife clique and pick Cornwall up by the bootstraps and you can all do that and I know that everyone can if they truly believe in their town. This clown as a mayor and his clique is what destroyed… Read more »
For Bill Aug 8 and to all voters of Cornwall, in a previous post here that I made I stated that I have only recently started thinking about a strategy for running my next campaign going for a seat at city council. Mr. Gilcig has asked from candidates in this forum issues that he feels are important enough to decide who to endorse by CFN in next year’s municipal election. So far, I am the first and only candidate to respond. My post above I have expressed a few of my personal opinions to respond here to issues he raised.… Read more »

for jules I too support and agree with Councillor Samson on this isssue and was surprised to see BA Bob shoot him down in the manner that he did. No respect for Gerry, our seniors or the citizens of Cornwall. Shame.

for stella I am not a negative person, in fact I am very positive. The issue that I bring forward to the voters in how Cornwall has been savagely put through the wringers due to the wasteful spending and coverups from this regime is my only negative. People need to open up their eyes now, long before the next election to see for themselves what has been going on at city hall.I feel that the people here need to get more involved in what is going on and work in a positive way to move this city forward. The city… Read more »

I would vote for someone with maturity, integrity, focus intelligence and professionalism who doesn’t have his own personal agenda.

Just had to say it again………


Mr. Samler I was kind of shocked that this happened to Gerry Samson trying to stick up for the little people. Bare Ass is only for the very rich which is his clique “elites” and nobody else.


Gary wrote: People need to open up their eyes now, long before the next election to see for themselves what has been going on at city hall.

Don’t underestimate the people, they know what has been going on at city hall.

Rehashing over and over and over again about city hall won’t help you gain support…….just my opinion.


Stella What is going on at city hall is terrible for everyone here. I want to fix it but I cannot do it alone. The more I cry to people that it needs fixing maybe one day the people will stand up and work together to fix the problem. At least I can see the problem and am willing and able to do something about it despite the flack that I will probably receive from some for trying.

Stella you can keep saying that statement all you want and you probably won’t vote for me anyway so I am moving on for someone who will or might vote for me. Sorry but come see me during the campaign run next year. Maturity I have lots of,integrity is one thing I have lots of focus is something am doing in trying to gain support and a seat at council despite the odds and professionalism is something I pride myself in daily Sometimes you just soar with turkeys and know you are so much better and to add my only… Read more »

Yet to decide….

So Gary, first, glad you put your cards on the table. I hope you are carrying a few A’s in the hole.

A few question’s:

What would you do if Mayor Kilgour made a miraculous recovery, had a few A’s of his own for the final rally and actually won back his seat?

What would you do if you were only 1 of 1 or 2 only NEW councillors voted in and you had the lowest vote count, say the 10th winner?

To Didlysquat: No, I do not have all the answers yet to clean up all the mess left by this current Mayor and council. What I do have is the will and a positive attitude towards working with other progressive members of council to find the solution. I am willing to hear any positive suggestions from the voters to get this city moving forward. To answer your questions First, I would learn to correctly spell the name of our mayor. It may not seem that I like our mayor Bob Kilger but in fact I really do like the man… Read more »