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Wow, I found a blogger out there reviewing some of Cornwall’s finer eateries.    I’m going to be doing this too, but thought I’d see how you folks appreciate this person’s reviews.  What do you think of this Blogger’s reviews?  And if you have a local blog feel free to send us an email at info@cornwallfreenews.com

The site is LORD OF THE WINGS and here are a few excerpts from his review of the wings at Cornwall BBQ and Billy K’s.

FINAL SCORE: What can I say, Cornwall BBQ is generous. Huge portions of chicken, ribs and sides. If your looking for a big meal with friendly service, this is your place. The wings are plain, but I would stick to the rotisserie chicken. Big, crispy, juicy, meaty.It may not have been low and slow, but it was a darn good meal. 5/10

For Billy K’s

My only disappointment was the size of my Pepsi. I’ve been spoiled by the chains. This was a small at most places, and I’m a gulper, so I had to ration my drink. But I’m quirky and cheap like that.Overall, Billy K’s was a great burger place. Cheap, tasty food. Nice.

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