It lasts so briefly and I think that’s what helps make them so special.

It’s that time of the year when we can treat ourselves to Fiddleheads.

fids L I N K

A little garlic and olive oil and you’re ready to party!

If you don’t forage for them like Chef Shawn Kretz you can usually find them at Farmboy this time of the year.

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  1. I just moved up into the area from the states about 9 months ago, and I’m interested to know more about foraging in the area. What sort of handbook do you use & where is it “ok” to go foraging. knowing myself, I’d probably end up in some forest getting yelled at by the landowner whilst picking a poisonous mushroom haha!

    I think you should host a workshop in the area on local foraging, and how to do it in a responsable (not overharvesting) manner. I recently read an article that it’s illegal to pick more than 50 fiddleheads per person in Quebec due to overharvesting, so knowing more about it would be a help.

    What would be in season this late, though. Fiddleheads are out, ramps may still be about and perhaps morels? I’ve harvested neither, as I’m from the southwestern US, but interested to know more.

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