Mohawks Don’t Like Guns; at least CBP Guns


You know in the end I think this is just political jockeying.

The reality is that this border crossing is a major smuggling point for the Mohawk Tobacco trade with over 90% of illegal smokes in Canada coming through this area.

The reality is that it is their land leased to the Canadian Government.

The reality is that if Canada chose to completely crack down on the smuggling operations it would cost a lot of money for all sides.

The reality is that maybe Canada shouldn’t use leased Mohawk land and simply find an alternative including a new bridge.

Sometimes reality sucks.  Sometimes we have to make really big life changing decsions.

In this case I think it will come down to both sides making some really big decisions.

The Mohawks can’t tell Canada to not arm their border guards.   They can make their feelings knows as is their right, but in the end if they force Canada to make decisions; as costly as those decisions for Canada are, it will cost them too.

As for some of the issues that the Mohawk community may have with the border there are procedures in place to deal with some of the.  There are politicians to assist them and as the article in the link stated.

“Akwesasne Mohawk Police officers are armed and have an outpost at the border crossing if CBSA officials require assistance. There are also unarmed Mohawk security officers contracted by the federal government to be stationed in the building at times.”

There are peaceable solutions to this, but in the end Canada Border Agents will be allowed to carry firearms.

Hopefully all sides will have respectful negotiations and resolve this so that both sides have a better understanding.

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