20,000 Pageviews and Counting! Thank You Cornwall!


Pageviews & Counting!

Thank you Cornwall and the World for helping make this site grow as fast as it has.   We’ve only been around since February and are very grateful to each and every one of you who have taken a moment from your lives and have visited us.  In today’s media it’s hard to grow at nearly 100% per month but we’re still doing it and we owe it all to you, our readers.

Please keep coming; tell your friends and family and don’t be shy to email us and let us know what you want to see and read.     Contact us at info@cornwallfreenews.com or canvid@hotmail.com.

If you’re an artist and want your art shown email us.  If you have a band or are a performer let us know.

Are you a member of a charity?  Let us know what’s going on and we’ll report on it and let the public know what you need.

In the future you’re going to see some improvements here as we working on adding a few new columnists and even some French content.

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