All this election talk….Swine Flu and Jobs

Election seems to be the buzz word in the news nowadays, but to me two things concern me personally a lot more.

The Economy.   And I’m talking about the local economy.    If we can’t get good jobs we can’t grow as a city or pay for things like the arena.

Right now the job front in Cornwall is pretty brutal.   Big companies are not hiring or the entry levels to the good jobs around are difficult to be met.     Most of the jobs are in the $12 per hour level or less.   Working at Startek or some of the other boiler rooms isn’t for everyone and for some reason a lot of area employers seem to want to take out their life frustrations on the employees?

Here is a great article on the bigger job scene.   L I N K

“The essence of any job is the exchange of one’s time for money, but if that’s all it is, it will be a long and depressing 40 years in the workplace. People want to feel that they are contributing something through their work, that it has some reward greater than the weekly paycheque. The idea that one’s contribution matters might only be an illusion, but it’s a necessary illusion. When it doesn’t exist, workers become demoralized, and that hurts workers, corporations and our economy.”

“The grim situation in the workplace is partly due to the recent economic downturn, but goes back a lot farther than that. The real problem started when the people who run things forgot that happy and motivated employees are the key to the success of any business. The term “human resources” fully captures the current thinking. People are now nothing more than resources to be exploited and discarded.”

Now to the other big issue for me, and that’s Swine Flu and how so little is being done about it locally.   Go to a restaurant or store and look at how people handle your food at the checkout.     Clerks grabbing milk by the pouring end.   Drive thru people passing you your pop or bottled water by the neck.

People need to learn how to prevent the passing of the flu.   You can never eliminate the possibility, but you sure as heck can reduce the impact of the spreading of germs.   Hospitals are even worse; even here in Cornwall.

I think when people work in it they don’t think about it; even doctors or nurses and that’s going to sicken and even kill people this year.

People need to be more aware.   I know I’m not shy anymore to tell people to not handle my drink bottles by the neck even asking for another bottle.   I’m not shy to ask co-workers to wash their hands if necessary although this led to my job being terminated at a local retirement home.

We as a society need to be more vigilant because the flu pandemic touched us last year, but this fall and winter should be the true acid test.

And the government needs to create a fund whereby people who have the flu get some sort of funding to stay home because not every job has sick days, and sick employees will infect the public and rest of the workforce.  We need to balance those costs because some people just can’t afford time off.

New Flu Links:  L I N K L I N K

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  1. Swine Flu is nothing to worry about. Do you down research before jumping off the cliff like a lemming thinking it is a huge “pandemic”. Remember… this same “flu-pandemic” happened in the 70’s… follow by a massive advertising campaign to get vaccinated… more people died from complications from the vaccine than from the swine flu itself.

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