Glen Grant, a man of principle and Habs Fan

I have some Conservative roots.   I also love hockey.   So when the opportunity arose to sit down with the Cornwall City Councilor and our MP’s campaign manager I decided to take it.

And honestly I was surprised and impressed by my encounter with Glen Grant.   We’re both Habs fans so we started on a good footing.   We both like Don Cherry too.      Glen shared that he started in politics as a NDP supporter working for Leo Courville as well as working for the Liberals too before settling into the Blue.

He said that he had a big social conscience, that he was more of a social conservative, but that he felt that financial responsibility was key to that.    I then challenged him on the 3+1 Arena which caused us to both drain a Timmy’s coffee.

What I like about some politicians is that they have their principles.   I may not agree with some of them, but I can respect them more than other politicians that blow with the $$$$.

He said that society feels a certain entitlement to things compared to when he was younger and that the 3+1 arena was needed on many levels.   I shared that I am opposed to the arena project as it’s a huge drain on the local taxpayer and that the hockey community doesn’t pay its fair share of the costs.  That based on the lack of $$ from the hockey community it should be a smaller project.

I pointed out that Councilor Carr mentions outdoor pools costing $40 per swim, but that we pay almost $300 per skater per year for hockey and that’s based on City numbers.   It was a battle of a conversation.

As Glen says; “he prefers a better opponent than a weaker one” as it brings your skills up to compete against them.   I have to respect that too.  He’s excited about the next Federal race in this riding and loves the challenge of facing Ms Clement, Ms Jalbert, and Mr. Rawnsley as it will make his candidate work harder.  He also said it’d be crazy to have a fall election; especially at this time.

We drifted back to Hockey and the Habs.    He said that he didn’t think much of Bob Gainey as a GM, that Carey Price should rebound and that Dany Heatley was a big baby that gives Hockey players a bad name.

Here’s a short video of one of Glen Grant’s favorite players, Doug Harvey.


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