Balsillie vs Bettman The next round – Appeals

pirates I think no matter what decision  judge Redfield T Baum makes this week regarding Jim Balsillie’s attempt to move the Phoenix Coyotes to Hamilton I have a hunch legal appeals and silliness will be launched.

Yes, the lawyers are getting richer from this case and the fans suffer.

To me, in my opinion, the only real issue here is the final ticket price Mr. Balsillie will have to pay to move a floundering team into a situation which will bring all parties, including the NHL an awful lot of coin.

Mr. Balsillie has upped the ante; especially to the city of Glendale while the NHL has offered Jerry Moyes, the former owner of the Coyotes a few extra shekels to go away.

I don’t think too many people think that hockey will be played in Phoenix much longer.   I could possibly see them doing a Minnesota here; IE letting the team move to Hamilton and then awarding an expansion team to Phoenix if a new local ownership group ever evolved. (as if that’s likely)

My predictions:  The NHL will somehow take the win while Mr. Balsillie will have his team in Hamilton.  I expect lovely sound bites, an apology by Mr. Balsillie, a $100 Million dollar relocation fee, and then a big photo hug.

What do you think Cornwall?

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