Wikipedia Reported Rush Limbaugh Dead – January 2, 2009

Popular radio host, complete demagogue, and right wing of Attila the hun former Monday Night Football Color Commentator Rush Limbaugh was pronounced dead on popular website Wikipedia after being rushed to hospital in Hawaii.

The Republican power broker however is alive.  It’s funny how information moves on the internet.

L I N K “Wikipedia pronounced Rush Limbaugh dead at least two times today – and the free “encyclopedia” relied on information from a spoof blog that later declared the talk radio icon had become a “vampire” who craves “virgin’s blood.”

Just this morning around 8 a.m. EST, Wikipedia announced, “It has been reported that Limbaugh has died in a Hawaii hospital.”

“Only a day later, the Blanca DeBree Blog poked fun of Limbaugh’s condition with a new posting, “Rush Limbaugh’s condition upgraded to undead.”

What do you think Cornwall?  Is this going to far?

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