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Burning Yaks ye all be….or something like that.   I’ve been noticing that some of you have an awful lot you want to talk about so rather then derail some very interesting conversations I’m creating a category called Burning Yaks! where you can share what’s burning you and YAK with the world!

Please note that foul language will not be tolerated unless it’s really impressively used in a very creative manner.  Abuse will also not be tolerated.  If you can’t defend your point or principle without being abusive it’s probably not a very strong point, and of course if you’re boring or obtuse I don’t want that inflicted on our loyal readers who are here in the end to be entertained and informed.

So if you want to go off topic this is your category.   Drop your comments and let the Yakking begin!

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  1. Rodney, I’m amazed that the US didn’t off him long ago. It’s usually not a healthy choice to be uncooperative with Uncle Sam. The pipeline project can only be delayed for so long.

  2. Karzai should have been done a long time ago! What was that talk about the Canadian Government giving the taliban money to change their ways? watch what happens if they get money. They’ll just use it against us again, with Karzai’s backing too.. pathetic..

  3. After Karzai’s comment, I believe it is time to take the troops home early. He has shown no appreciation for the sacrifices of Canadian troops and their families who have endured huge losses. I would also recommend restricting all Afgans from immigrating to Canada until further notice..

  4. Author

    wow willie that’s a double edged statement if I’ve ever read one. I don’t think the troops should be there unless the government is honest about why they’re there.

    As for the immigrants that’s a tough one as there probably are a lot of innocent people that just want to get the heck out of that mess.

  5. They should be allowed to immigrate, grow opium, and supply Jaffer’s fix! Oh wait, that wasn’t opium, but COCAINE instead!! Not much difference though.. both still highly illegal, but seems like some people are just special in the treatment they receive by comparison to the average Joe!!

  6. I’d go a step further than Willie191 and restrict immigration for all muslims. If they want to come to Canada for a better life for them and their families, with Canada being a Christian country, they would have to agree to give up their way of life and dressing and live and dress like us. No mosques nor praying five times per day(unless its on their own time and in the comfort of their own home). None of their customs would be accepted officially here in Canada. You want a better life then be like us. Work like us, dress like us. Enjoy hockey the way we do. In other words, BE CANADIAN! Not this multicultural crap we have at present!

  7. It’s interesting, however, how the current President of the United States seems content to go all over the world apologizing for the United States, and by extension, for the democratic and Judaeo-Christian values of the West. The U.S. President’s true sympathies lie with the numerous liberal democracies of the Developing World, especially those that are Muslim. I find it interesting that it’s on Obama’s watch that a major war on the Catholic Church has just begun. It won’t be short and will grow out of all proportion to what is just.

  8. I can see this degenerating into the old “we were here first” argument, which should be reserved for the First Nation people. Except for the First Nation people, we are all immigrants. It just so happened that most (not all) of us immigrants came from “Christian” countries. My ancestors immigrated here some time in the early eighteen hundreds, but that doesn’t give me the right to determine who can or cannot come here based on their religion or culture. I happen to be a devout Pastafarian, which is far removed from Christianity. Does this mean that I should be packing my bags?

  9. I say anyone can come, especially if they are looking for a better life. So long as they don’t try to impose sharia law on me or anyone else in this country for that matter. I think Concerned Citizen is taking it a little too far on that comment. But I understand where they’re coming from. Being I used to work in a call center long ago, there were a group who followed Islam that came in and then were “offended” by “christmas” and “easter” to the point that the call center renamed those festive times to other “politically correct” names, so that these Muslims would not be offended. And in the meantime, they were getting their 5 prayers a day in their own room in that call center. The line has to be drawn somewhere, but not to the extreme that concerned citizen thinks it should be. So long as anyone immigrating to Canada doesn’t try to impose on me, what they were trying to get away from in the first place, then I do not see a problem. Same goes for what I believe in, I should not have to go into work and bend my philosophies to match someone else’s. I also agree wholly that the Burkas, Hijabs, Niquabs, whatever they all are, should all be banned.

  10. Grimalot, I agree with pretty much all you said there, except for the banning of religious or cultural garb. Are you saying that the pastor shouldn’t be able to wear or tote a cross in public? Or that I shouldn’t be able to wear a hat made out of pasta? If you’re tellin’ me I can’t wear my spaghetti hat, you’re pushin’ it, Pal. 🙂

  11. So….we (the UN) go into Afghanistan to create democracy, right? We set up and monitor elections, which don’t really go well, but a dude gets elected. Maybe there was fraud, maybe there wasn’t (I seem to remember fraudulent elections directly to our South not long ago) but nonetheless a dude got elected. It went OK for a while. But then, he stopped doing what he was told by us, as if a democratically elected leader of a nation has any right to decide the fate of his own people. Doesn’t he realize that’s not what we meant by democracy? He’s supposed to do what WE want him to. So now, we call for his head, so we can install some other puppet to do our bidding.

    Does no one else find this funny?

  12. As far as restricting immigration based on religion, I would start with the Catholics. I mean, come on people. Their grand poobah protects pedophiles, which the church is full of. I don’t even like babies, to allow this to happen? Too much.

    PS I’m not a Muslim, and I am also offended by Christmas and Easter. When will we outgrow the silly superstitions of our forefathers and move forward in a logical manner?

    PSS It would be sweet to get those 5 breaks a day though.

  13. Barn Owl. I’m really curious as to why you would be so offended by Obama trying to undo some of the damage that Dubya inflicted on his own country, and the rest of the world. Under Dubya, America went from a feared, but respected power, to an almost universally despised state. Dubya himself was seen, and rightfully so, as a semi-literate thug who took great delight in killing people. It will be many years before America recovers from the damage that that little two-bit criminal caused.
    As far as the “major war” on the Catholic church is concerned, the church brought that upon itself. It’s about time that people are finally waking up, and calling this outfit to account. The church has a long and sordid history of abuse and coverups.

  14. Concerned Citizen says: “…with Canada being a Christian country”. In what way is Canada a Christian country? Name only! May be once upon a time! If in name only, and not really living and practicing any Christian moral/ethics, than Canada can not be considered a ” Christian country”. A Post – Christian country? What is happening is that we are going back to paganism, heathenism, even barbarianism – the rule of no law. (Remember the man who cut off the head of another guy in a Greyhound bus?) What is happening? God is removing His restraining hands off Canada. He is allowing human hearts to get the fill of sin; to do what their hearts desire to do. The word of God says:

    “And even as they did not think fit to have God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do the things not right, being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; being full of envy, murder, quarrels, deceit, evil habits, becoming whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, insolent, proud, braggarts, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, undiscerning, perfidious, without natural affection, unforgiving, unmerciful;
    who, knowing the righteous order of God, that those practicing such things are worthy of death, not only do them, but have pleasure in those practicing them” (Rom. 1:28-31).

    The way the Apostle Paul describes the old Roman society, we can see that not much has happened in human evolution. “When will we outgrow the silly superstitions of our forefathers and move forward in a logical manner?” Yes, Rodney Vander Veer when are we going to do that? Plato, Aristotle, Stalin, Hitler and many others have tried but all have failed. No success, no hope, guess I’ll go hug a tree! Get back to my roots?

  15. Too depressing, this religious orientated post is.
    Anyway, last weekend myself and a couple of other old geezers went to do some minor shopping at the hardware store and shoot the breeze with acquaintences and friends. Happenstance that the beer store was across the road from the hardware store, so we got a box of cold brownies. Took the back road home, sort of slowly wandering towards the river and creeks to check out the fishing spots for the upcoming season. Checked some ponds. Admired the fine weather, the ducks and geese nesting, and the deer roaming. Got flagged down by a lady we know, from her position on the rail fence. Seems she was having a problem with a late delivering cow, so we spent an hour tugging in the sloppy barnyard with an unhappy cow that was not overly enthusiatic about having her plight and difficulties assisted by old geezers. Must have been more acustomed to the lady owner. After rinseing at the pump we proceded to pass the days pleasantries for a bit and continued on our way. A slow trip down more back roads on the slow route home telling each other true lies and admiring a really pretty golden sunset. Usual round trip time of an hour was easily managed in five hours. Good day, good friends and good neighbours. Admired God’s work without other than good thoughts and deeds.

  16. Furtz you said “Grimalot, I agree with pretty much all you said there, except for the banning of religious or cultural garb. Are you saying that the pastor shouldn’t be able to wear or tote a cross in public? Or that I shouldn’t be able to wear a hat made out of pasta? If you’re tellin’ me I can’t wear my spaghetti hat, you’re pushin’ it, Pal. ”

    No that’s not at all what I’m saying. So long as it shows your face. I don’t like dealing with public ninjas. Do you see me walking into establishments, banks, etc, with my face all covered up? I otherwise think a spaghetti hat would be really cool, hard to make work though. 😉

  17. Pastor Tom “What is happening is that we are going back to paganism, heathenism, even barbarianism – the rule of no law.”

    Woohoo! Can I get a yea for the addition of Hedonism too? Christianity is stolen from ancient Egyptian beliefs and paganism anyways so what does it matter? And forcast is the Sun of God is hidden by the clouds today.

    Also don’t go hug a tree, you’ll go to proverbial hell for that! 😉 And the tree won’t like it.

  18. sigfus, thats all we need to do. A lovely story.

  19. Sigfus. were the cow and calf OK?

  20. Hey Tom. I just got off the phone with JC and his Dad. They say they sent you some prophets in 1968-70 that advised you to take LSD and get naked for Jesus. You didn’t. Now look at you.

  21. Congrats to Cornwall for receiving a multi-million dollar energy investment for solar and wind. That’s major news. Just heard it on the CBC at noon.

  22. Sigfus. Re: your last post. You are this close to grabbing the next Stephen Leacock award. That was about the best piece of Canadian writing I’ve seen in years. Do 300 pages just like that. Please. See link.

  23. Grimalot, When I go out in public with my spaghetti hat, I arrange the noodles so they cover my face. If you saw how ugly my face is, you’d understand why, and probably thank me for sparing you the horror.
    Sigfus, Keep on writing Bud. Hope you stashed that beer in the trunk.
    Are jokes permitted on this site? Here’s one anyway.

    Why do persons of certain fundamentalist religions never do the nasty while standing up?
    I know, this is really bad….
    Because it leads to dancing.

  24. Author

    Oh man that joke is so wrong in so many ways 🙂 Cool to post, but so wrong …..

  25. Admin, Glad you liked it. Wish I had more, but then again, you’re probably glad that I don’t.

  26. In response to the Green Peace “attack” on Parliament Hill a short while back, The RCMP is now going to be armed with semi-automatic machine guns. A slight over reaction, perhaps? Maybe an espresso machine, or a case of Red Bull would be more appropriate.

  27. That whole greenpeace thing was their (RCMP’s) own fault. Talk about sleeping on the job to suddenly find people climbing all over parliament and hanging banners and such. Imagine if those were terrorists with a bomb. But yeah, semi-auto machine guns may be just a little too far to go against that. But obviously security needs to be stepped up in the wake of that situation.

  28. Same thing Rodney…..they all kill.

  29. Magic hippies and old people climb bean stock and apple trees to roof of Parliament – Green Peace comment. I hope it’s not a case of the government seeking protection from the general pop. on excuse. Then again I guess we’d be upset if some wackos took over with a slingshot and a machete. To rule by consensus is to rule with only a green lawn separating state and citizen not frightening hardware. Tough call eh. Speaking of climbing and trees – check out the family tree on this link to The Guardian. Mainstream British newspaper.

  30. I don’t want to see security on the hill stepped up to the point where some wacko protest group or person can’t sleep in a pup tent on the hill for the cause or roller skate around in a pumpkin suit in defense of the rights of pumpkins or farmers dumping ten tons of cow manure on the lawn because they’re pissed about something or a lawn full of women screaming for the vote. See.

  31. Now if we were having this blog in the USA, the conversation would be about the greater accuracy of a five inch pistol barrel over that of a seventeen inch rifle barrel. Mostly I think retro and wish that the wackos were not as prevalent as they used to be in the good old days. There have always been wackos no matter where you lived. My advantage of living in a small community where everyone still waves at you, even if you are a stranger, is that I know who they are. Large communities are more anonymus when living in them. Large communities with a strong tie to politics are kind of a whacko magnet. The kind where an ordinary whacko turns up his or her whacko dial for the occasion. It may be time for the RCMP and other agencies involved in protecting the citizens of Ottawa and Canada to learn more closely about who they may be dealing with. Within the usual lawful constraints and in an expectedly polite Canadian manner.

  32. Hello Sigfus, could you please do me the favour of defining “whackos” as well as “good old days”. I’m not sure who you’re talking about, and how long its been since the whacko count went up.

  33. Whackos are those people disagree with society in a violent or threatening manner. The whacko count went up, if it ever did, as I got older. I’m not sure if I was more agreeable, or maybe took part in whacko activity when I was younger, thinking that such activities were normal. There may well be the same percentage of whackos in the world as when I was younger, just have less tolerance for them. The good old days are that way because I forgot or want to forget the bad stuff. Don’t confuse whacko with eccentric. Eccentricity has a connotation that excludes violence and usually threats. Eccentrics usually have the same outlook as whackos, it’s just that the eccentrics like looking out from the depths, the whackos like looking in but aren’t willing to join.

  34. Abbey Hoffman. Jerry Rubin.

  35. Raging Grannies. Fred Hampton. Louis Riel.

  36. OK, I get it. You’re an old man who is afraid of change. It’s gonna be OK friend….change is good.

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