Prince of Horror Writing Unveiled – Author Joe Hill is the Son of Stephen King – Cornwall Ontario – April 18, 2010

Cornwall ON – The demon rarely crawls far from the pit.    Writer Joe Hill has come out as Prince of Horror.   He’s the son of Writer Stephen King and his wife Tabitha who also writes professionally.

Joe King wrote for years under the pseudonym Joe Hill so as to be able to earn his creds on his own without the aid of his father’s name.   Stephen King did so once himself under the name Richard Bachman.


“My strategy was to stay anonymous and it sure worked, because for 10 years I couldn’t sell anything.”

When the book world finally took a gamble on him, neither his agent nor his publisher knew who he really was. But the bet paid off. His 2007 debut, “Heart-Shaped Box,” was a bestseller before audiences knew he was King’s son.

Hill’s recently-released supernatural thriller “Horns” is also selling well; further proof he’s no flash in the pan.

To learn more about Mr. Hill check out his BLOG.

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