If you are poor Cancer hits harder than if you’re Rich – Cornwall Ontario – August 5, 2010

Cornwall ON – If you’re poor and have Cancer your chances are worse than if you’re not.

A study from 2003-2007 essentially came to the conclusion that the poor did not get diagnosed as quickly and the sooner you catch Cancer the better the chance of defeating it.


The chance of a woman from a poor community being alive five years after diagnosis of breast cancer is 77 per cent, compared to 84 per cent for affluent women, Booth said.

Fifty-two per cent of patients with colorectal cancer from the lowest socioeconomic groups are alive five years after diagnosis, compared to 60 per cent of those in the most affluent communities.

Now this isn’t really news in the sense that most people realize that if you can afford medical treatment you find a way to get it.  Other factors include lifestyle and of course being able to eat better and healthier foods.

It’s one of the reasons that more people need to get proactive in getting their politicians to do more to improve and save our Canadian Health care.

The CMA recently waded into the debate with Doctors offering some perspective and suggestions on improvements.


In a policy document released Tuesday, the Canadian Medical Association called for a number of system-wide changes, including universal access to prescription drugs, incentives to shorten wait times and broader adoption of electronic health information technology.

The paper, entitled “Health Care Transformation in Canada: Change that Works. Care that Lasts,” urges the public, Ottawa and the provincial and territorial governments to look beyond the “narrowly interpreted parameters” of the 1984 Canada Health Act to update medicare for the 21st century.

What do you think Canada?   Are you going to wait for the system to let you down or are you going to get more proactive in making sure that the right medical care will be there for you and your loved ones when you need it?

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  1. Well Jamie Thats it on the subject of cancer?Thats all you could come up with? Cancer hits the poor people more than the Rich {people with power].And you even give the rich a way out in this article(they eat better and live a better lifestyle]Hog wash! Cancer is cancer ,Name me 1 president or prime minster or queen or any high ranking person whow died of cancer.I ask you what would happen if a cure for cancer was found today?Endless amounts of money all over the world are spent on finding a cure for cancer and cancer treatments{bandaid solutions]Again what would happen if a cure for cancer was found today?How many times have we heard a cure for cancer is near.All they need is another $99999999999999999999.000 dollars $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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