Jason Setnyk Book Launch for Anarchy & Heartbreak at Cafe Connectionz – 407 Water Street – Cornwall Ontario – August 14, 2010

Cornwall ON –Poet, musician, teacher, politician; Jason Setnyk, founder of Rock the Vote and organizer of Rock for Charity is one busy hombre.

His book launch takes place this Saturday at Cafe Connectionz (407 Water Street in DowntownCornwall Ontario).

Saturday August 14th 2010 is the book launch of Anarchy and Heartbreak written by Jason Setnyk and published by Lulu Press. Setnyk will be at the coffee house from 11am to 2:30pm. It’s free to meet the author and attend the book release at Cafe Connectionz, but the book itself is $10.

It’s the author’s second book release, following Setnyk’s first published work, Angry Vegan and the Mad Cow, a play written while he was in university. With the purchase of Anarchy and Heartbreak for $10, you can also get Angry Vegan and the Mad Cow for an additional five dollars.

Anarchy and Heartbreak is a compilation of poetry, aphorisms, and reflections. The book represents an anthology of work spanning over ten years, from high school, to university, to more recent influences like the death of the author’s mother.

About the Author: Jason Setnyk is an author, teacher, musician, photographer, and freelance journalist. He went to the University of Ottawa and graduated with three degrees: He has a B.A. in Honours English, a B.A. in Honours History, and a B.A. with Cum Laude in Education. Setnyk works as a teacher at a private school in Cornwall Ontario. He has taught English, History, Social Sciences, Economics and Geography. Setnyk has had his editorials published in newspapers and magazines across North America including the Toronto Star, the New York Daily News, and Adbusters magazine. Setnyk also organizes and hosts monthly Rock for Charity events, and he sometimes plays guitar or reads poems at these shows.

Here is a sample poem from his book Anarchy and Heartbreak:

“The songs we sing” by Jason Setnyk

We sing of joy, we sing of tragedy
An orchestra of drama unfolds
Countless narratives and stories are told
Yet we always sing with brevity
Our memoirs like a faded old music sheet
Each character on stage has their own song
An opera, gospel, or sing-along
Words that can make you ecstatic or weep
An amplitude of amiable harmonies
High tempo tunes about learning and the new
Then the air of wisdom settles through
A repertoire of sweet symphonies
Our parents hum hymns about where we belong
We grow up, find a partner, and duet
Create a melody of offspring like a poet
But our voices grow weary after so long
One day we will join that muted choir
Up in the heavens of infinite lore
Where our songs and voices will be heard no more
The curtain closes upon the silent choir

20% of the book sales will be donated at the next two Rock for Charity events, also at Cafe Connectionz on Friday August 13.

Rock for Charity VI is on Friday August 13th at Cafe Connectionz. It’s a fundraiser for Baldwin House. All ages/6pm-10pm/minimum $5 donation. Acoustic sets by Ewen McIntosh, Discover Atlantic (Adam Jasim), Kenn Taylor, Joel Ouellette (aka Rock and Roll Joel), Kevin McBain & Fred Bowen, Matthew Bell, and host Jason Setnyk.

Rock for Charity sponsors are Bicycle World (150 Pitt Street), East End Patate (616 Montreal Rd), Martelle’s Pawn Shop (200 McConnell Avenue), and Dave’s Sportscard Shop (812 Pitt St). Thanks for helping Baldwin House! Our media sponsors are Seaway Radio and Cornwall Free News.

Here is some more information about Maison Baldwin House: It’s mission is to assist women and their children in the transition from violent and abusive circumstances to a safe and secure environment and a renewed family by providing safe shelter and services, and encouraging them to realize their full human potential. Baldwin House services include shelter for abused women, counselor services, information, and support.

Rock for Charity, created and hosted by Jason Setnyk, raises money each month for a different charity or non profit organization that contributes to making Cornwall Ontario a better place.

Previous Rock for Charity events have raised money for the Tri County Literacy Council, The Agape, the Cornwall Regional Art Gallery, the Parade of Nations, and Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Cornwall. All of the previous events raised between $200 and $300 each, thanks in large part to the amazing musicians who donate their time for free, and the generous people of our community who pay admission to support a great cause and who enjoy great music. We are currently seeking sponsorship to raise even more money for these good causes. The five previous Rock for Charity events have raised over $1170 for local charities and non profit organizations.

How does the fundraising work? There is a minimum donation of $5 to attend the event, the first $5 is split 50/50 between the charity itself and paying the cost of renting the venue and PA system for the night. 100% of any amount above the $5 minimum goes to the charity. Although $5 is the minimum, we encourage people to donate more if they can. Often the venue donates a part or all of their money from the door to the charity. Also 100% of any corporate sponsorship is donated to the charity.

Cafe Connectionz located at 407 Water Street is a great hub for local art, an awesome local business, and a perfect host for these events. Enjoy fair trade coffee, delicious desserts, and an awesome vibe!

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Seawayradio.com will be broadcasting live from Rock for Charity VI!  To listen to the broadcast LIVE or via PODCAST click HERE!

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