NDP MPP’s Michael Prue and Paul Miller Draw over 70 in Cornwall Ontario – Announce that if elected NDP would abolish HST on Hydro – November 22, 2010

Cornwall ON – It was a full room at the Navy Club early Saturday morning.   NDP Mpp’s Michael Prue (Beaches-East York) and Paul Miller ( Hamilton East-Stoney Creek) came to speak to the party faithful and judging by the crowd reaction the two didn’t disappoint.

I have to give the MPP’s credit.   This was the first time I actually heard a solution in opposition of the HST.   The Mpp’s said that the NDP would repeal the HST on Hydro if elected.

Riding Prez Brian Lynch Introduces the MPPs


MPP Michael Prue


NDP Paul Miller


Questions from the Floor


Healthcare and more questions


Keeping Health Care Services Local


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  1. It should be on the hydro and on the gas pumps too!

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