MPP Jim Brownell and Pearson Canada Donate Live Ink, Grade 9 English to Grade 9 Students of Rothwell Osnabruck School – March 28, 2011

Ingleside ON – Today, MPP Jim Brownell and Pearson Canada presented Live Ink for Grade 9 English to the Grade 9 students of Rothwell Osnabruck School.  This brand-new educational resource includes print and digital resources that provide students with access to content in ways that are familiar and preferred.  Pearson Canada is a member of the Canadian Educational Resources Council (CERC), an association whose members produce 80% of the student learning resources currently used in Canadian schools.

After presenting the resource to the school, MPP Brownell and the students were treated to a demonstration of the digital content of the package.  The students were pleased with the new resource, and looking forward to exploring its potential further.

The donation was part of an awareness campaign by CERC focused on the importance of Canadian educational resources in 21st Century Learning.  CERC resources are created by teachers for teachers, incorporating learning and teaching best-practices from front-line educators.  CERC supports teachers as professionals and empowers students by giving them the tools they need to learn effectively.  The educational resource industry’s economic impact in Ontario is close to $92 million on an annual basis.

Educational resources are the mortar which connects students and teachers to the knowledge and tools needed to succeed.  As representatives of the educational resources industry in Canada, CERC is ready to work with the provincial government to ensure that all students are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in the 21st Century.


“The world our children will inherit is going to be an increasingly integrated one, with opportunities and challenges we can’t conceive of today,” said Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry MPP Jim Brownell.  “As government, we must continue to work with teachers and organizations like CERC to ensure Ontario’s students have every opportunity to succeed in life and work.”

“Ontario has a world-class educational system, with world-class educators and a world-class agenda that deserves and requires world class teaching and learning tools,” said CERC Executive Director Dr. Gerry McIntyre.  “Our members embrace new media, new technologies and new methodologies.  Our resources are made in Canada and reflect Canadian culture and values.  We want to work with government to ensure quality education in Ontario into the 21st Century. ”

“Our educational resources (print, digital, online) are designed to be relevant in today’s world, to engage students, and to help them develop 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and innovation,” said Mark Cressman, Research & Communications Manager for Literacy for Pearson Canada. “We tailor our resources to match the latest curriculum and to provide comprehensive support for teachers.”

“As educators, we are in a constant process of finding new ways to stretch our dollars to provide the best resources for our students, and the donation of Live Ink provides a wonderful addition,” said Principal Susan Rutters.  “On behalf of the teachers and students, I offer my deepest thanks to MPP Brownell, the Canadian Educational Resource Council and Pearson Canada.”

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