Forced Week Vacation for Ridgewood Staff – Olymel Lays Off More in Cornwall Ontario as Job Woes Increase after 398 Laid Off of Star Tek – April 10, 2011

Cornwall ON – So the emails started to arrive in the last two days and this afternoon the phone rang a few times confirming from staff that Olymel has laid off at least another 25 employees at their Cornwall plant and Ridgewood has announced a forced week off for most of their 200 plus staff from April 18-25.

This after Cornwall suffered lay off notices to 398 at Star Tek where reports are that over 50 people walked out on the company early last week in a bid to try and find new jobs before others leave.

What one employee of Ridgewood was telling me is their frustration in that having missing weeks can screw up any benefit claims with the government if they lose their job.   Another from Olymel said that already being on a four day work week also punished employees.

The Ridgewood employee pointed out that the high Canadian dollar and high fuel costs have hurt their US market and that shelves were full in their warehouse.

Scary stuff indeed for those affected by these job situations.   If you’re a worker facing these situations and have any information you can share email us at or call our hotline at 613 361 1755.

Scott Beck


  1. Hey Harper…still think the Canadian economy is doing well? We are mostly exports, you can’t raise minimum wage by $3 in 3 yrs and tax already high gas prices even more (hst) and expect business to thrive.

  2. This is a yearly event for Ridgewood…they ALWAYS do this at Easter time.

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