RED FLAG – Don’t Shoot the Messenger – Unidentified Cornwall Ontario Area Politician Jumping Health Queue – April 10, 2011

Cornwall ON – Wow, this is a very strong accusation.   We have to run this as a blind item legally at this time to protect the guilty.   If anyone wishes to step up to the plate officially please email us at or call our hotline at 613 361 1755.

Essentially we know that que jumping exists, but this certainly is an example of the worst sort in light of the many people that have to wait hours in hall ways without a bed in emergency; never mind for out patient treatment.

..this has bothered me since the first time I heard about it….Having said that, I have to tell you how our XXXX treats staff at the hospital.  XXXXXXXX has a non life threatening condition requiring a regular out-patient treatment and an out-patient treatment bed also making appointments in advance a prerequisite.

However XXX has been know to come in without an appointment demanding XXX receive XXX treatment immediately.  If, as most often is the case, XXX  is told there is no bed for him XXX becomes angry and condescending; XXX then disappears to the front office upstairs and phone calls are received and a bed miraculously is available.   I don;t understand it, but this bothers me (ha) and I just feel better to let others know…..but I guarantee I will never vote for XXXXX. XXXX is a XXXX without principles. Thank you for letting me vent.

It’s disturbing that whistle blowers cannot safely share information with the public.  This person clearly said that if they went public with their name, which they wished to do they’d be fired.   Maybe it’s time to change the Whistle blower laws in this country.

From Wiki Leaks to this sort of thing we need to have more transparency and less abuse of the system when people talk about changes to our health care system?

What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. There’s a reason that real reporters wait to run stories until their leads are solid and substantiated and that laws remain as they are. It keeps irresponsible people from running gossip and hurtful rumours. You have shown yourself to be less than careful and committed to cheap sensationalism. Either get your facts and leads solid or quit reporting. Right now you are very close to slander and, quite honestly, I hope you get nailed.

  2. Author

    Mr. Wood I would respectfully suggest to you that the interpretation and usage of many laws in place protect the guilty and not the innocent. That there are restrictions in place that prevent abuses from being stopped under threat of suit or loss of job.

  3. Mr. Wood must be living under a rock. Even if the mainstream media had the facts, they would never rock the boat by exposing their cronies and advertisers.

    The double standard of a politician jumping the queue (just like the double standard in pensions and taxes) is something that should be worn around a politicians neck as he is ridden out of town on a rail.

    Media turning a blind eye to corruption in Cornwall is a clear and perfect example.

    The Standard-Freeholder has been aware of the scandal surrounding at least one major PARIS Holdings investor, and the impact on the community.

    Releasing the story would have exposed the scandalous transaction, that has saddled Cornwall with debt and polluted land, and exposed a bevy of Cornwall’s politicians and business persons as crooks.

    Open your eyes Mr. Wood, the “Fifth Estate” is not as credible as you might wish… read for yourself:

    It’s all true, but the greater scandal is that this community is willing to be crapped on.

  4. Very true flipper, Chretien has proven that tellling the truth in media gets you fired

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