Nancy Beaudette and Chris MacLean at the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage, Morrisburg, 9 April 2011 by Reg Coffey

Nancy Beaudette and Chris MacLean at the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage, Morrisburg, 9 April 2011 by Reg Coffey

Morrisburg ON – This was the fourth concert of the season and the third that I have attended at the St. Lawrence Stage in Morrisburg and I can definitely see a trend here. I have made mention of the venue before, the comfortable and intimate room, limited seating (which just adds to the ambience) and excellent sound. The room does not change from month to month but neither does the quality of the artists and their performances.  All I can say is that I am impressed with the selection of talent that come to the theatre month after month.
Last night the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage featured another pair of great Canadian singer/songwriters, Nancy Beaudette and Chris MacLean.  Nancy and Chris shared the stage right from the start and performed together and in tandem for the whole evening. I can only comment on the first half of the evening because I had to leave during the break because of equipment and, ah, body failure (the nature of which will remain unmentioned) but I want to assure the board members and performers that I really do wish that I could have stayed for the remaining of the wonderful performance.  It was also due to the equipment failure that I did not get a video of Nancy performing solo. My sincere apologies to Nancy and to you the reader.
The beautiful harmony of the two singers together and their individual clear, strong, unhesitating voices were only part of the flawless performance. They each played a variety of instruments including Nancy on a ukulele. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, you gotta love a well played ukulele. The artists engaged the audience with their casual conversations and we even had sing-along’s. I didn’t sing aloud because it may have spoiled the moment, and possibly the harmony, but I did mouth the words.
So, in spite of my early departure, I can honestly say the concert was once again a pleasure to attend. There is one more concert planned for this season on May 7th. It will be an evening of Intimate Acoustics and silent auction. You can check out the details on the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage web site.
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