Winnipeg Coyotes? Jets? Skeeters? Moose? Hab Woes, Flyers Need a Goalie, and Mike Fisher and Jordin Tootoo Rocking in Nashville – NHL Play Off Buzz – April 23, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Winnipeg?   The hockey world is a buzz with chatter of the Phoenix Coyotes moving back to Winnipeg and from what I’m hearing that’s a real option.   It’s a tribute to the fan base that hopefully will be supported by the Corporate world in Winterpeg and the area.

Audio of Goldwater Institute and City of Glendale April 21, 2011

There’s a lot of newer wealth in the west thanks to high resource prices and probably a lot more wealth.  There’s also a lot of questions about a very small market type of city like Winnipeg supporting a NHL team, but we do know that Phoenix isn’t, and that cities like Atlanta probably won’t either.

The NHL has a number of cities with survival issues.  Their new TV deal I’m sure will help,but then you have to look at the possible reasons why some of these teams aren’t being supported.

Atlanta looks like it’s now proven twice that it really isn’t interested in the NHL caliber hockey.  No sin there, but there are cities that probably at this point are more deserving.   Why will Atlanta be given a lot more chances than other cities?  TV.

The internet though is quickly changing the TV world and fans from outside a city can watch games and do; however it’s sad to watch a game with empty seats and if the fans of a team don’t support it then it probably should not get to keep their team.

Montreal.   Now this is a franchise with no issues other than figuring out how to field a team that wins a cup every decade or so.

The Habs are preparing for game 5 of their series having blown a 2 game lead to end up back at square one with Boston having home ice advantage which in this series so far seems to be a negative.

This is the acid test time for Coach Martin and his troops.  Now it’s time to see what les boys are made of.

Kudos to Nashville for gutting it out and taking a 3-2 series lead over Anaheim.  Who expected that?  Buffalo also is showing some moxy fighting off Philly and taking a 3-2 lead in their series which I don’t think anyone’s expected either?  Betcha the Flyers go and get themselves a goalie next season if they don’t get out of this series….

The Sharks have  a chance to go in for the Kill and take out the Kings tonight.   Joe Thornton racking up some points I’m sure would be the ticket in more ways than one.   The Capitals can put away the Pesky New York Rangers who really have had an amazing season…

Pittsburgh with Aaron Asham leading them with 4 points so far in the series are on the edge of winning a series without their two star players.   Definitely the game to watch tonight, when flipping from Boston-Montreal.

What do you think Hockey fans?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. phoenix is the 5th biggest city in the usa and should have nhl hockey and once it gets a good owner it will boom

  2. Layton is in the net for Philly. Ride the orange wave.

  3. Being a :big city” doesn’t earn you a franchise. Look at Green Bay, that is just a football market with tradition and a dedicated and loyal fan base and yet there isn’t even 300, 000 people in the surrounding area. Phoenix may be large but can hockey really compete with college football, baseball and pro ball? It seems not. I must say I am biased though, I might feel more sympathy for Coyotes fans if our Jets did crash land there. I am not even sure if pro-hockey can work again in Winnipeg. One thing is for sure though, it stands a much greater chance to succeed than 16 years ago and Winnipeg still hasn’t hit 750, 000 people. Hey how ’bout this, if the Jets come back to the “Peg” everyone in Phoenix is welcome to come to as many games as they like.

  4. San Diego is a big city and is about to lose its NFL team. Most towns out west full of immigrants do not make good sports towns.

  5. Winnipeg will succeed as an NHL francise location because:
    – when the Jets were relocated, the Canadian dollar was 60 cents U.S. It is now at $1.03 and the economic forecast for the Canadian dollar is very strong. This makes a huge difference to the teams bottom line.
    – Winnipeg has a new arena with 15,000 seats that may be able to be expanded. Not only is it an excellent area, it has a significant supply of Luxury boxes to provide significant amounts of income that did not exist in the previous Winnipeg arena.
    – profit sharing did not exist when the previous franchise was relocated. With the new equity in the NHL from profit sharing, well run small market teams can be viable and successful.
    – the fan base in Winnipeg is quite strong. Winnipeg is a hockey city and will support it’s team with it’s knowledgable and obviously devoted fans. The new arena may not be full every night (what area is?), but it will provide a significant fan base that the southern clubs will envy.

    Winnipeg deserves another shot at an NHL franchise, and I encourage our friends in Quebec to do everything they can to prepare for a return of Les Nordiques!

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