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Do the pilots eat the same meals as the passengers ?
Question asked by Francine.


Pilots do not eat the same food as passengers. That is not to say that they get better meals. Their meals are prepared in separate kitchens. The companies that make the meals for airlines take great care to prevent any kind of food contamination. Due to the volume of passenger meals, as compared to just a few meals for the pilots, the possibility of food contamination in passenger meal kitchens is greater.
When the pilots’ meals are heated in the airplane galley during the flight, they must be in separate ovens. Again this is to prevent any kind of cross-contamination. In addition, two pilots on an airplane cannot eat the same kind of meal.
For example, if one pilot chooses to have a beef meal, the other pilot must not eat beef. He must have a different kind of meal, for example, chicken, pasta, fish or whatever has been boarded for the crew on that particular flight. Also, pilot meals must not contain any shellfish products. This is to ensure that should there be any contamination or spoilage of the food, that both pilots would not be affected by food poisoning and subsequent incapacitation, at the same time.
Should that happen, as you can imagine, the results would be disastrous for all of us.

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