Maverick South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart Upset at French First St. Lawrence Park Sign in Long Sault Ontario – August 25, 2011

Long Sault ON –   South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart is drawing flack and praise for voicing out about new Bilingual signs at St. Lawrence Parks that are appearing; in particular the one in Long Sault Ontario at the Parkway entrance.

She contacted us after her statement started to appear in area media and we went out with ME 2 our JVC videocamera and chatted with the outspoken and rarely boring area politician.


Chatting with Tammy she stated that it wasn’t a language issue, but more about jobs being available to non bilingual Ontario residents and area culture.

A bystander, someone working and camping from Sudbury, gave her a big thumbs up and we ended up interviewing him as well.


What do you think?  You can post your comments below.

James Moak


  1. @Mike Bedard. Take a look at the picture at the top of the article. The spelling and grammer of the sign is NOT the problem. The middle area of the sign is 100% correct as the English and French as used in one continual sentence.
    However the top of the sign use two independant sentences.. “Les Parcs du Saint-Laurent” and ” Parks of the St. Lawrence”.
    Which one comes first on the sign??
    Since the sign is in an English majority community the “Parks of the St. Lawrence” should be in the upper Left. as per the OLA and FIP.
    Notice the line at the bottom of the sign .. English first then the French … this is the way the sign is suppose to be to represent the majority of the region. In this case English
    Tammy is right to note the error and it should be fixed.

  2. As for Graham Fraser’s language police… I wish to apply for the job of seeing how an English only Visitor to what is Quebec’s new national capital goes.
    Since Fraser is about BI lingualism … not just French in Ottawa… he needs to do the same study in the French national capital…Thats only to be fair.
    To be reasonable and use some common sense and stop wasting our tax dollars on crap… neither study should be done.
    Language belongs to the people not the government. If I choose to be English only, French only or learn 10 languages that is my choice. If I choose to put up 1 language or 10 on my store signs that is my right not the government.
    The OLA has to be ended and thrown out….. we the people will work together without the small minded power hungry few trying to force how we communicate.

  3. The great phony bilingual scam. Its all about jobs and money…

    The simple facts are as more francophone’s get hired for all government positions less and less English speakers are working for their own governments across the country. Don’t believe me; Go check the stats for yourself. Francophone’s are over-represented in all levels of government including hospitals, law, policing…etc. No fairness, no representation by population. They call it bilingualism, yet the term is never defined on purpose and believe me it doesn’t mean fluency in 2 languages in Canada, at least to the French it doesn’t. No political party will speak for the English speaking majority in this province and country. Practical bilingualism, where numbers warrant… is never defined on purpose. In Ontario, NB it now means segregation. The French (they are actually metis, a mixed race, not french) are demanding French only facilities all over the province, not bilingual, French only. $ Bilingualism is really nothing more then a hiring quota for francophone’s and that is a fact…just ask yourself, why are francophone’s over-represented in all government jobs and how come more and more positions are being designated bilingual all the time? And just as important, how come they are NOT fluently bilingual? Some can barely speak English!

    Go learn our proud, real BNA and UEL history. These were the builders of our country since 1763, not this phony, revisionist lie, spin, nonsense, this bilingual, multicultural,2 founding nations, linguistic duality lie, spin, propaganda that we’ve been living with since Trudeau and Kebec (original spelling) forced this upon the nation. We’ve been part of the British Empire since 1763 and officially and English speaking country for over 200 years, again just the facts…We were never a bilingual country. This is one big expensive lie/fraud that’s been going on for over 5 decades now.

    Liberal, Tory same old story. No party, no politician has touched this issue since it was forced upon the nation. The public has complained for decades yet the scum bag politicians remain silent. They are not listening to the people. Liberal, Tory same old story.

    So while Quebec bans the English language (bill 22, bill 178, bill 101…), wipes out its real BNA, UEL history, while ethnic language cleansing is going on in Quebec, the rest of the country is forced to fund whatever the French (metis) demand. This is going on in every province. Go check.

    See what’s really going on? What are they really up to? – “First Quebec, then we take over the rest of the country, one step at a time…through bilingualism…” PT, “How to take over a country through bilingualism…” SD. How? First comes the right to communicate with gov’t in a minority language (ie French),then comes bilingualism, then comes the right to work in the language of choice(ie French), then comes a bilingual boss,(ie French) then comes a exclusively French department and on it goes until its all French. Its happening all over the country, Ontario, New Brunswick… Go check the stats for yourself.

    Time to end this phony, expensive hiring scam, this bilingual farce outside Kebec.

  4. Anthony: Watch the video! She has a problem with french on the sign period! She wants it “Small and at the bottom of the sign!” If you read my earlier post I agreed that the “Parks of St. Lawrence” and “Parcs du Saint Laurent” should be switched!

    However, the Middle is PERFECT if you don’t agree you are simply ignorant! Igonrant is not an insult so much as saying you are ignoring the fact that it is Grammatically Correct and like I said before OUR AREA IS BILUNGUAL! Within a 1 hour radius of Cornwall/Long Sault 40% people speak french as per Stats Canada’s 2006 Community Profiles! I have proven my point! Others are still just beleiving in their opinions without cause, facts or proper justification! Stick to the topic of the sign! There is nothing wrong with the sign (except the one portion) but again listen to her video! She is complaining about french period not being valid!

    Tammy has a problem with the french on the sign and Tammy even states that the signs are only being turned bilingual from Quebec to Kingston and not in all of Ontario! So who cares!

  5. First of all my congratulations to Ms Tammy Hart for standing up for the overwhelmingly English majority of Canadian Citizens. The English are tired of the Liberal koolaide that insists we embrace French laguage, rights and heritage while simultaneously erasing and eradicating OUR rights, language and culture!

    Why should the English embrace French….we have our own identity!! Time to take a stand, write your MP’s and PM Harper. Demand an end to the discrimination of OB and OLA policies! Join the fight with “Canadians for Language Fairness” and “Howard Galganov”! All Canadians need to fight for our future.

    Canada is not bilingual…it simply has two languages. The great Liberal social experiment has failed, spectacularly and has cost Canada untold amounts of money, over last 40 yrs. Time to tell the Government, ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Canada should be one: language, culture and indentity; the language of the majority, which is English!

    Canada should be majority ruled and NOT minority governed!!!

  6. Actually, neither french nor English are the majority languages anymore in Canada. Recently I heard that its actually Chinese or Arabian. If shunning the liberals would only fix this language issue, I would do so. But it wont fix this. Being an idiot and voting conservative will not fix this either. Harper will not fix this as it will alienate his party. The liberals won’t fix this and don’t have a chance to currently. Honestly, I’m waiting to see what is going to go on with the NDP in this matter since they are the new official opposition. The PQ has all but imploded. Same with the Bloc. Some interesting times coming up indeed. At least there is a federal party at the helm in Quebec now and not the Bloc!

  7. French speakers demand the English embrace French: language, culture and rights while the French erase and eradicate the English: language, rights and culture!

    English have their own identity and are not interested in emulating the French. There is no bigotry or racism in this statement it is only a statement of fact!

    If, the French are that interested, THEY, can save their own language and stop expecting the overwhelmingly English majority to pay the tab. Interesting many other groups maintain their languages and cultures in Canada without discriminating against the majority or with their hands out looking for more money/power. They, also have much much smaller populations and yet they manage to survive and thrive within a huge English majority. How is that possible you should ask without Government handouts and legislation?

    Seriously, when you have to legislate a language into usage….it is already dead and irrelevant! To those who are questioning stat’s….they are available on government websites….check it out for yourself. Remember the Liberals changed definition of French to ANY who speak, read or write French! So much for pur laine (spelling ???).

    Let the French be French if they want but we English want to be English as is OUR right!!! Quebec said “NON” to official bilingualism, so should the Rest of Canada!!!!

  8. @ Colleen. Maybe a short-term low-dosage course of Paroxetine would help you overcome this anxiety. I can assure you that nobody has ever been damaged by the sight of French on a tourist sign, or the sound of French being spoken in public, or even learning the language. Getting all worked up like that over something as silly as a language spoken by others just isn’t healthy. Let’s all be grateful that we weren’t born in Afghanistan or Iraq or Libya where these matters are resolved with AK-47s or worse.

  9. Furtz, please stop patronizing Colleen. She is anxious because there are good reasons to be anxious about her right as an English-speaking person to fight against the Frenchification of Canada. Either you don’t notice that there is a power-shift from the majority English-speakers to the minority French-speakers or you are a beneficiary of that shift. Bilingual Canadians are in the minority so those who are bilingual want to hold on to their special status as they are in high demand. If you were less selfish and consider for even one minute the fact that “language” is replacing “merit” and that jobs are awarded for the wrong reasons, you might want to admit that this is not good for the country. Canada has never been more divided than it is now with this language policy and it was brought in by Trudeau to unite the country. It has failed miserably and it is a shame that the Conservative govt. is still willing to sacrifice the Rest (Most) of Canada to appease the French-speakers of Quebec. They are a very selfish lot who have been made to believe that they are more important than they are. Why would a beggar province that depends so much on money transferred from English-speaking be so arrogant? When they were the “king-maker” they could blackmail any Federal government. Now that they are no longer able to force the Federal government to kow-tow to them, why doesn’t the Conservative government stop with this humiliating exercise?

  10. Hello Furtz, Thank you so very much for your concerns for my health…how very thoughtful of you! Love your argument and totally agree with it but from my perspective I would say to you that the sight of an ALL English sign, listening to the English language, ensuring the English have the same/equal rights as the French, and learning/using the English language should not be that scary or threatening to the French, afterall they do live in an English World!!!

    Should be used to it, by now…wouldn’t you say. As the entire World embraces English for business, commerce and trading it would behoove the French to be thankful and grateful that their British/English conquerors ensured they (French) were allowed to retain THEIR language, rights, religion, and culture!

    Likewise, English is not a disease that must be eradicated at all costs…it is the language choice of the majority of your fellow citizens and the World. Perhaps, you and others of your ilk would benefit from embracing English instead of demanding WE (English) conform to your form of bigotry, racism and discrimination.

    Respect your right to disagree and will defend it, as our soldiers have with their blood. By the same token, me and mine and the vast majority of Canadians respectfully say a resounding “NO” to your koolaide but thanks, anyway!

  11. For the record, not that it really matters, I’m an Anglophone with a limited ability to speak French. Was born, raised and educated (sort of) in Quebec. In those days, the English schools made no serious attempt to teach conversational French. It wasn’t until I moved to Manitoba in the early 70s that learned how to speak any French from the friends I met there. There’s a pretty large francophone population in Manitoba. Regrettably, I’ve forgotten almost all of the French I learned since moving to eastern Ontario about thirty years ago.
    I still visit Montreal and area a few times a year and NEVER have a problem being served in stores and restaurants etc in English. And I’ve NEVER been refused employment in Ontario because of my limited ability to speak French. All this hysteria about the French taking over Ontario and ruining our lives is just that, hysteria.
    And, by the way, all government services in Quebec are provided in French and English. I know this from handling my aunt’s estate when she died a few years ago. All correspondence with the various departments regarding taxes, Quebec pension, etc, was in English. And all phone inquires I made were politely and professionally answered in English.

  12. One thing that people like Furtz don’t seem to understand i.e. when you get English service in Quebec, it is because of the principle of courtesy, something that some Quebecers still possess. They have NO legal obligation to serve you in any language other than French. Please don’t get the two situations confused. Yes, you grew up in Quebec and you are a victim of the Stockholm Syndrome which is a very common affliction for people who have decided that if they cannot beat them, they’ll join them!!! In the Rest (Most) of Canada, we’re not at that stage yet. The Liberals put in this destructive policy to make French far more important than their numbers warrant and for an English-speaker like you to be so willing to accept 2nd class status is criminal and disgraceful. If you are not aware that a lot of English-speakers have had to leave Quebec, N. B. and even Ottawa because they are not fluently French (which is only possible if you want to live in French and give up your own identity). If that doesn’t bother you, then I can only say that you have a very advanced case of the disease known as the Stockholm Syndrome. I am very sorry for you that you are so eager to turn your back on your own group, the majority of Canadians who will never be bilingual, because you have not suffered personally from the policy. The inevitable conclusion is that you are so selfish that you refuse to admit that a serious situation exists in this country. Start reading articles like this:

    The French even have a name for people like you – you’re a vendu!!!

    Try and see the situation from the majority point of view and stop being so short-sighted!!! When the French are in full control, they won’t have anymore use for “sell-outs” like you.

  13. So, I’m supposed to be ticked off because Quebec government agencies treated me with respect and in English, for the wrong reasons? I should have given those people a piece of my mind, but it’s too late now.
    It seems that a lot of people aren’t happy unless they are in conflict with one group or the other. Stupid, poor me! Here I am, enjoying my retirement, not fighting with anybody, and getting along with my English and French friends. I can even visit Quebec without getting all bent sideways and angry! How sick is that? Maybe I should get into therapy or counseling to get my hate and anger levels up.

  14. Furtz, not sure what stores YOU are patronizing but when I get served French first, I give the employee ONE CHANCE to serve me in MY language or I walk out of the store. I have been to court three times and twice NOT A WORD OF ENGLISH WAS SPOKEN to me.
    I have been yelled at by francophone store owners, basically demanding that I speak white in their “country”.
    And in the march for English rights (equal, not superior), just a few short months ago, we were yelled at, cursed, followed and threatened by a small but angry mob as the worst slogans we chanted were “stop the anglophobia” and “English is not a crime”. They want nothing more than to eradicate us. They hate the English language and anyone who speaks or displays it. (If it weren’t for police protection, I am sure they would have beaten us. They came close to assaulting us several times before the march and threatened us afterwards when WE were trying to disperse peacefully. I am relieved and a little surprised they didn’t attack us THEN. And you are defending these people? Really?

  15. Author

    Actually Furtz I just went through a small claims court in Quebec where the court refused to issue me any documents in English. I was told by the judge that it was my responsibility to pay for or have them translated. The judge did some translation in court, but I felt that it prejudiced the outcome. We all live in Canada.

    I hate when the extremists use this issue to exercise their lack of intellects. The language issues that divide this country are getting very very old. The vast majority of Canadians, English and French truly do get along, treat each other with respect and value and appreciate good will and cooperate with each other.

    It’s that slim minority that lead to some of the comments we read.

    All that being said I can understand how fear works and I can understand how some people feel they have no voice. Remember, I’m a refugee from Quebec and most likely never move back there because of the banana republic that it’s become. But it’s still part of Canada and will most likely always be.

    And I think most Quebecers truly feel that they are Canadian too. Our challenge is to tame extremists and divisive people like Mr. Parizeau and Mr. Harper and their followers and work together to find common ground so that we can bring Canadians closer and work better together.

  16. I must be special or something. The shops and restaurants I frequent are mostly on the West Island, or in the downtown area. The bars I infrequently enjoy are on Crescent Street. I usually say a few words in my mangled French and almost always the server or store employee switches to English. I’m not talking about MacDonalds or Walmart . I don’t go to Montreal to eat or buy garbage. I’m almost convinced that if you go into an establishment with your face in a knot expecting hostility, that’s what you’re gonna get. Making a little effort and being pleasant seems to work for me.
    Interesting about your court experience, Jamie. That’s too bad and not right. The last time I was in a Quebec court was in ’67 fighting a traffic ticket. The whole thing was conducted in English, and I won!:)
    Sorry to annoy all you francophobes, with my happy experiences, but I can’t help but think that I’m having a better time that you are. Montreal is one of the great cities of the world, and I’m going to continue enjoying it when I can.

  17. Furtz, what I perceive from your answers is that you go to speed to Quebec, go to bars, eat at McDonald’s and think that everything is the same since 1967. So why do I tend to side with the other commentators…. mmmm I wonder?

  18. @Barry. Huh?

  19. What Barry is saying Furtz is that you should live in today’s world, not in the past. I used to go to Montreal almost every week in the early 70’s and was very comfortable not being able to speak French. Now I only venture into Quebec if I absolultely have to and only to places I have been before. The road signs are all in French so it is very difficult to find your way around. Parking signs seem to be designed to trap les Anglais into getting tickets and the police seem to apply the trafffic rules with extreme enthusiasm when you have an Ontario plate on your car.

    Having said that, I have always found that the majority of businesses do their best to communicate in English and the average Quebecer will try as well. It is the systemic government bias against the English language in Quebec which is intimidating and uninviting.

  20. I guess I have the advantage of knowing my way around the city from living there. I stay off the express ways and have easy time getting around. And you haven’t lived ’till you’ve had a pizza from Toto’s in Lachine.

  21. Or a smoked meat sandwich at Schwartz’s on St.Lawrence Blvd.

  22. This is one of ther most amazing demenstrations of how people are easily confused and talk about topics that are not relevant to the topic!

    I own a business and since within one hour of it approximately 40% of the population living here declared their mother tongue as French Only and English and French!


    It would also be a not only an uneducated decision but also would alienate and decrease my sales potential by 40%! ………..But hey I am an anglophone so it doesn’t matter what everyone thinks….lol!

    You people need a reality check! Cornwall is located along the Quebec border and even the US uses bilingual signs and has recognized the economic implications of attracting people from Canada’s 2nd biggest city and North America’s 6th largest city!

    You need to bust out of your bigot shells and start embrassing other cultures! You don’t need to learn french you just need to accept that others speak french and that our COUNTRY is primarily English and French!

    English is a universal language but so too is french that is an official language in 29 other countries!….and yes you should need to speak french if you want a government job dealing that may deal with french clients……… should need to speak french for any job that may deal with francophones!

  23. PS – Only 38 countries have claimed English as one of their official languages and French has 29 Countries!

    Maybe some of you didn’t know this!

  24. Mike, I think it boils down to the fact that Tammy and all these francophobes don’t give a rat’s a$$ (is a$$ ok?) about your business, or any other businesses in the area that depend on French speaking clients to help keep them afloat. They are so obsessed and angry about bilingual signs and services in Ontario that they would be happy to see even more businesses close if that’s what it takes to achieve their goal of a French-free Ontario. You could almost think of it as “collateral damage” in their battle for English rights and freedom.
    Have you considered getting into dairy farming? You wouldn’t have to cater to any of them danged Frenchies. Maybe Tammy could give you some advise about establishing a herd.

  25. I hate typos and not being able to edit.
    Should be “advice”.

  26. I agree with tammy that it is an issue about the English speaking culture being fazed out rapidly. That is exactly what the French have been whining about for years. They don’t want their identity to be erased and neither do Ontarians.They ban our language completely in Quebec. And force theirs on everyone else around the whole country. Wreck beach in Vancouver is visited by people from every province, but when I was there 15 years ago I was appalled to see a Quebec flag posted on that beach. There was a B.C. flag there, WE WERE IN B.C. Nobody from any other province was arrogant enough to plant a flag there. In ANOTHER province! They ARE pushy. They ARE monopilizing jobs and government through constantly boo hooing. It’s tiresome and very wasteful of all our resources.
    I AM a Montrealer. Proud to be too. And for all the racism I reieved for speaking english, and all the times I was told in broken English to get out of the province that is mine because I didn’t speak French, I say screw you people. For the fact that I have to walk around with a paper giving me permission by the Quebec government to put my child in an english school. I say screw you. I have to make sure my girl puts her kids in english school in Quebec for at least a year, so that her kids are allowed to learn in English if we return. THEY dictate how we teach our children. They so graciously ALLOWED me to put my English child in English school?? PLEASE. They also tried to attack the Native friendship center to force it french, and they tried to force our China town to do the same thing. They wanted to separate, they claim superiority, this is not their country, so why does it have to be all french? You go to China, learn Chinese. You come to Canada, learn English.
    In history it WAS the English that masacred the french, and oppressed them.YES. Yes the English refused to even allow the french to have a say in history, but seriously, two wrongs don’t make a right.

  27. Mo, it’s even worse than that! By 2015 everybody in Ontario is going to have to become black, and learn how to speak Chimpanzee. I’m pretty sure that it will be the law throughout Canada by 2020! Not only that, but there is secret legislation in the works that will require everyone to be gay, and worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster!
    And you think that the French are a threat to our way of life. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  28. Furtz: not just start the herd but she could lead the herd…….

  29. Actually Frenchy, Tammy already has a herd of dairy cattle to manage, plus she seems to be leading a herd of English supremest freedom-fighters, so she’s probably pretty busy as it is. I was just suggesting that she could maybe give Mike some tips on how to break into the dairy industry so he can still make a living once she and her followers succeed in making Ontario a French-free province.

  30. Author

    Just a reminder to everyone that it’s always better to attack the message and not the messenger. I love heated debate, but let’s not make it too personal if possible.

  31. BRAVO TAMMY. You are Great !!! One of these day’s I will endeavor to take you out for a– Montreal smoked meat platter 🙂 —

    AND YES,
    This kind of French first, French only and French dominant thing is happening everywhere outside of the “Province” of Quebec.

    A province which, as we ALL KNOW is within the English dominant Canadian borders, but yet has the gall to freakin outlaw the English language. COMPLETE double standard. A place where they make no bones about obliterating the English language IN EVERY WAY. Even in places where it is more trouble to do away with than leaving it which would just appear more of a simple common courtesy and

    To them, the ultimate goal is French — only — and EVERYWHERE.

    It’s only because they want to be sure not to make too many waves that they don’t actually just go ahead and put French only on these signs in these small towns outside of the “province” of Quebec as well. Actually, in many cases, as you see in these signs in Hawksburry, Ontario

    THEY ARE using French ONLY.

    Then, if they’re not putting French first or French only it shifts to something like this…

    where you notice that when the package or container is opened in the traditional way the French side is facing the user of the product of package. Some might say (and will say) this is only trying to find something that isn’t there but the fact remains. Packaging is a very intensely thought out part of product presentation. Nothing is left to chance.

    Or like this sign facing cars on O’conner

    where we ask ourselves, is this on purpose? If not then when will it be fixed? As my buddy say’s, “I wouldn’t be too surprised to find out who is in charge of things directly related to this sign being like this and left like this.”

    What’s really sad is that the English, in standing up for their culture and language rights, are constantly having to justify things by starting with phrases like, “it’s nothing against the French” AND, “we don’t mind French being on the sign”, OR, “it’s not anti French.” Sure, we can all agree that it’s not anti French but in the face of how blatantly the French (the ones who are outlawing English and who are anti English) are conducting themselves it seems so odd to be apologizing and being sure to constantly make them aware that this is NOT what we are all about.

  32. Wait and latest Quebecois propaganda is now the rest of Canada is promoting ethnocide?

    Equality of cultures do not exist in Canada whereas English is oppressed in Quebec .Do the federal government not respect its Quebec citizens that are English.

    If that treatment were to a particular race -hey its called racism .
    But its ONLY THE ENGLISH ,could you imagine if the french in Ontario were treated like that …WOW anarchy ,but its accepted in Quebec.
    Two different sets of standards and the social engineering continues.

  33. @Grimalot RE: POST on September 1, 2011 at 1:18 am

    Grimalo wrote, “If shunning the liberals would only fix this language issue, I would do so. But it won’t fix this. Being an idiot and voting conservative will not fix this either. Harper will not fix this as it will alienate his party. The liberals won’t fix this and don’t have a chance to currently. Honestly, I’m waiting to see what is going to go on with the NDP in this matter since they are the new official opposition. The PQ has all but imploded. Same with the Bloc. Some interesting times coming up indeed. At least there is a federal party at the helm in Quebec now and not the Bloc!”

    YOU MUST be kidding Grimalot … The NDP? A party who’s former interim leader was a card carrying separatist? Oh c’mon. It’s pretty darn obvious where their loyalties lies. The French only voted for them and eliminated the Bloc because they were savvy to the idea that the Bloc (as much as they talked the talk, could NOT (because they were a one province party) walk the walk)) You “MAY” be right that the Conservatives can’t fix this problem but that’s likely because of two things. The depth of the entrenchment, and the fact that they don’t see “US” the majority English people out there in support of the idea of doing so. If, and when (as IT IS heating up now and WILL be coming) the English get out there to let these Conservatives know we are here in large numbers AND DO stand behind them in that arena, they will see that they have that support then hopefully will also have more nerve to act. Let’s face it no one knows that the English feel this way because we the English have not shown them in large enough numbers and in strong enough terms that we are fed of paying for this failed concept of bilingualism which in the end is only serving to go against the better interests of the English in the end.

    And seriously the PC are the only ones who actually — HAVE DONE — a few things. The re-named the armed forces re-introducing the term “Royal.” If nothing else that pissed off the ones who are trying to take over this country. They handed out huge ship building contracts and left out most French companies who in the past almost always got the most lucrative ones. AND, they put in place both an auditor general and a supreme court judge who were both unilingual English. Try and get that from ANY of the other parties including the NDP … NOT… Nope, it’s either got to be the conservatives with knowledge that WE THE ENGLISH are here and fed up — or — a brand new English first for Canada (just like it’s French first for Quebec) type party.

    PS: Something MUST BE SAID about the fact that T. Mulclair ingeniously uses the French Thomas (pronounced tuum-uhhh ) in ads and any types of publicity within the French areas and then Tom in the English areas. They are going to play the English the same way the French (like Marois) in Quebec have been playing the English in this country for decades now. It’s (thanks to G. Orwell) called double speak and they do it ALL the time. Marois, quote – @1:38 of this clip
    “To all my fellow Anglo Quebecers I say, don’t worry. Your rights will be fully protected” Of course, we know that a month or so later she introduced a bill that would add more power to bill 101 and further reduce Anglophone rights in Quebec. The opposite of protecting their rights. But, the catch here and why she can say such things with a straight face (and there are plenty of examples of such things) is paying attention to what she actually say’s and how she say’s it. Ie: “your rights will be fully protected.” What rights? Anglo Quebecers have not had any damn rights since Bill 101 was passed in the first place. So to say, “your rights will be fully protected” is really not lying. That’s how she can say it with a straight face. Just like her fellow right hand @sshole Diane De Courcy @ 4:53 of this clip

    when she (in her similar to Marois so broken English) said, “the Anglophone minority in Quebec is at home here.” The idea is that it is meant to give comfort but it’s just a simple fact. The Anglophone minority are indeed at home. Where else would their home be since they live there for crying out loud?

    with underhanded DOUBLE SPEAK…

    Reminds me of Steven Wright and his joke. I got as dog and i named him stay. SO now when i call him, it’s … “Come here, stay. Come here, stay.” 🙂

  34. @Furtz RE: POST on August 26, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    Furtz wrote, “Maybe Tammy and her friends should start working on getting the name of Long Sault changed to Long Rapids.
    If they don’t want no stinkin’ French on tourist or road signs, they better get busy changing the names of Mille Roches and Moulinette as well. If South Stormont and area is to become an English-only and French-free zone, there is much work to do. Wiping out history is a big job, but I’m sure that Tammy will be up to it.”

    Oh, Furtz. This sure sounds like you meant the way Quebec is doing to the English history and the English signs and the English language and the English people within Quebec. So yes, wiping out history is a big job., Imagine, they had to pass laws like bill 101 and then wait for all those people and companies to move out so they could fill those houses and factories with their own “pure laine” gang. So, if there is anyone that — IS DOING this — “wiping out history” as you call it, it’s the French and Quebec. Tammy is just standing up for the English language and English rights within a country whose majority “common language” is ENGLISH.
    They don`t even want to poffer Englishe ot people calling the government in Quebec for crying out loud.

    On August 27, 2011 at 7:07 am
    Furtz also wrote “It boggles my mind that some people find the sight of bilingual signs and packaging so offensive”

    There you go once again Furtz, i find it so amazingly ironic that you direct this stuff at Tammy when in fact what you are writing is exactly what we see happening in La Bell province right now in this COUNTRY CALLED CANADA. That’s the only place where people find bilingualism so offensive. Get with the program will ya.

    As for telling people who wish to work for their MAJORITY Anglophone government to `get off your ass and learn the language.“ (your words) The point you refuse to grasp is WE DON`T WANT TO LEARN it by force. AND we shouldn`t HAVE to learn it. It`s that simple. It`s not necessary. The only reason it is necessary to the degree that it is in this country is because the English victors were nice and allowed the French to keep their language and then allowed them to propagate it to the degree we see now. But, that “niceness“ is wearing thin.

    “Elaine RE: POST on August 27, 2011 at 11:50 am
    Great post Elaine. You are so right. One drop of water into the large rain barrel seems like nothing but drop after drop and so on until they have taken over completely. The name of the woman who lost her job in Pakenham is Jeanne Barr.

    I have spoken to her about this unfortunate idiotic situation and she is NOT the only one this has happened to. That is what they depend on. Little bits happening here and there and not one all encompassing thing that would awaken the people to stand up.

  35. OMG!!!!! This article is over a 1 1/2 years old……You guys must be getting veyr desperate…….LOL

  36. Omg you commenting on it further is even more desperate .

    What you finnaly came from under the rock where you live.

    Your showing a complete act of desperation ,live In Your little world the people who post are REAL and there are many more that disagree then agree to this forced bilingualism.
    Welcome to it sweetheart *****smile******

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