Letter to the Editor – Joe Hueglin of Niagara Falls Ontario on Harper Government and the Wheat Board Decision – August 29, 2011

Dear Editor,

Prime Minister Harper words, “The government’s position has always been that the government governs for everyone,”  . . . “We remain the government because we maintain the confidence of the Canadian population. That involves listening to the population and involves listening to the opposition,” are most reassuring.

Will the Prime Minster honour his word? Will he be “listening to the population”, to  those whose livelihood will be affected by removal of the Canadian Wheat Board as the single desk agent for exporting Western Canadian grown wheat and barley?

The farmers views have been expressed in a plebiscite in the same manner as in the B.C. HST vote, by mail in ballot which closed August 24th.

Will the Prime Minister honour his words and listen to those affected or act on the basis of what he considers to be “in the country’s best interest”.?

Will his reassuring words be proven to have been real or baseless political rhetoric?

Joe Hueglin – Niagara Falls, Ontario

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    Geez Garfield I wish they`d spend some of those ad dollars here 🙂

  2. wow terry, good math but lousey statistics. Harper still won by majorty no matter how many people actually voted. remember the other 41% that did not vote still exercised their right. They chose not to vote.

  3. First intelligent thing I’ve heard from smee in a long time…..

  4. Every now and then, smee nails it.

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