Cornwall Ontario City Hall Spinning After Election Complaints & Councilor Bullying – March 6, 2012

Bob Kilger, Million Dollar Man CAO Fitzpatrick, and Madame Gelinas - Election Night 2012

CFN – Cheryl Brink is a lovely girl, but as a reporter it’s boggling at her occasional lack of grasp in factually covering or spinning stories.

After our explosive Screen Cap and release of Mr. MacDonald’s statement she wrote a piece in the Free Holder with.    Of course the screen cap was not shown which would end any discussion of the issue.

As you can see the photo is quite clear.  It also was publicly displayed for an awfully long time.  As a matter of fact when first exposed in the media the photo part of it was removed and the incriminating part where “Bob Kilger for Mayor” was shown was left up until finally removed only recently.

From the Free Holder story where Madame Clerk states in RED:

“When the person who is in charge of the election is a member of the organization for the guy’s that running, I think that’s just wrong,” he said. “It’s fundamentally wrong.”

He said he was given a screenshot of Labelle-Gelinas’ Facebook page, where Bob Kilger for Mayor was listed as an organization she is involved with.

“That’s at the essence (of the issue),” said MacDonald, who has voiced his concerns with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, though it has yet to become a formal complaint.

“There is nothing on my Facebook connecting me to any campaign,” said Labelle-Gelinas in response.

That’s not a truth as Jean Chretien would state it.   A truth is a truth is a truth.   This is a  non-truth.  It was there.  It was removed.   It can be proven to have been there.

So why the big lie if there’s nothing wrong with the person in charge of an election; who still wants to run the next election even though retiring, if working for or being affiliated with a candidate isn’t wrong?   Oh, it kinda is….

Is Madame Clerk simply following Cornwall Rulz?

Speaking of which it’s becoming more and more evident that our esteemed fellow media outlet is the mouth piece for city hall as both the Mayor and Ms Gelinas refused multiple media outlets comment while Madame Clerk was happy to talk with the Free Holder.

Hi Bob & Denise,

In light of the accusations from Mark MacDonald, and the story we ran I feel obligated to call upon you both for an interview request so that you both can make your statements if you wish.
Let me know what time Monday you’re available.
Madame Clerk’s response:

In speaking with Ministry Officials, there are no “formal complaints” lodged with their office on allegations of Election misconduct.   
I decline your request to  hold an interview. 

Denise Labelle-Gélinas, R.P., C.M.O.
City Clerk / Greffière municipale
360 rue Pitt Street
Cornwall, Ontario  K6H 5T9
P. (613) 930-2787 x.2537
F. (613) 932-8145

Say what?  Moments thereafter she sent another email:

After speaking with Ministry Officials, they opened their government e-mail account and identified an e-mail from Mr. MacDonald was received on Saturday. 
The e-mail is now being considered by Ministry Staff. 

Denise Labelle-Gélinas, R.P., C.M.O.
City Clerk / Greffière municipale
360 rue Pitt Street
Cornwall, Ontario  K6H 5T9
P. (613) 930-2787 x.2537
F. (613) 932-8145

Mayor Kilger replied with a three word reply.   “No thank you.”     We media in Cornwall all received the same package from Mr. MacDonald with the same information.  How is it that the Free Holder’s coverage can be so different than our own?

Is it because they earn their money and allow spin?

I recently read the following spiritual quote regarding the role of Newspapers that was written nearly 100 years ago.

The importance of the press as a means of diffusing knowledge and educating the people, and its power as a civilizing force, when rightly directed, are fully recognized by Bahá’u’lláh. He writes:—
In this day the mysteries of this earth are unfolded and visible before the eyes, and the pages of swiftly appearing newspapers are indeed the mirror of the world; they display the doings and actions of the different nations; they both illustrate them and cause them to be heard. Newspapers are as a mirror endowed with hearing, sight and speech; they are a wonderful phenomenon and a great matter.But it behooves the writers and editors thereof to be sanctified from the prejudice of egotism and desire, and to be adorned with the ornament of equity and justice. They must inquire into matters as fully as possible in order that they may be informed of the real facts, and commit the same to writing. Concerning this wronged one, what the newspapers have published has for the most part been devoid of truth. Good speech and truthfulness are, in loftiness of position and rank, like the sun which has risen from the horizon of the heaven of knowledge.—Tablet of Tarazát.

And that was before the internet!    We in the media do have a responsibility to the public.   It’s not always easy, but I know I try.   I was chastised by a criminal lawyer last year for not sitting in court more.  She said the media was the only window to prevent injustice in court.  We were society’s witness.   That was pretty heavy.

Speaking of Heavy, Councilor David Murphy weighed in on the Andre Rivette Bullying Scandal from the bonus in camera meeting of Council. LINK


A reader sent in this from an email exchange with the good councilor.


Hello XXXX,
While I can’t discuss what went on or was said in closed session, I can say this…I don’t believe Andre was bullied. I do believe he was caught off guard – there is a difference.


Every councillor has a right to their opinion and methods in which they choose to express them.  Should this topic have been in closed council? That’s debatable.    Are there outsanding issues that need to be resolved between some Councillors and the Mayor – I would lean towards yes.      Please understand there’s not a whole lot I am able to say at this time keeping in mind that it was a closed session meeting, regardless if it should’ve been or not.

Thanks for the questions and don’t hesitate to keep asking.

The good councilor returned my call last night and was quite clear on a few points.  He was at the meeting.  He spoke at the meeting.  he spoke directly to Councilor Rivette.  He chose to not leave the meeting as Councilor O’Shaughnessy did.

I also asked “Murph” if he thought council should be more transparent to the media and public?

I think we are as transparent as we should be.   We are bound by the municipal act.   There are some things we can and can’t discuss.

The clock is now ticking.  More information is flooding our desk and that of at least one other local media outlet.

Since Project Truth, and probably before there seems to to be University level societal skills of covering up scandal by certain key figures here in Cornwall.   For example if I or most viewers were accused of some of the crimes in Project Truth I doubt the Province would spend $5,000 never mind $50 Million to cover something up.

Is it time to clean house in Cornwall and if there aren’t laws or rules covering certain behaviors to enact them?    Surely there are some people sitting on council with morals and principles?   Isn’t it time to break this cycle of how things are run in this town if we ever truly are to grow and achieve our full potential?

We will be updating this story as more info arises.   You can contact us at or call our hotline at 613 361 1755 and of course you can post your comment below.

Election Night 2010 in Cornwall Ontario



More spin, this time from Bill Kingston of that radio station less and less people listen to each day in Cornwall suggesting that perhaps our image was doctored and relying on Jason Setynk of all people to support City Hall.

Ikes!   This isn’t drinking the Kool Aid.  It’s drinking the Medicated Kool Aid and jamming a strange Suppository you can only buy in Brazil!

No Class Bill again blowing the coverage, but this is the same man that interviewed the Minister of Revenue of Ontario, who came to Bill’s station, and then chose not to run the interview.

And he steals seats!

Shame on you Bill.   You know better!

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  1. The clerk has got to go with no severance or pension. She works behind the scenes in an unseemly manner to get politicians kids untendered jobs in the protective services. She involves herself in cover-ups between philandering elected and unelected officials and their scandals and payouts. She even went so far as to have her son-in-law hired at the Benson Center as the extra employee last year while she defends a no-nepotism policy? Wow! And that salary. Come on.

  2. Hey Jamie, why don’t you look into the latest BS stunt the CAO of Cornwall did, for odd reasons he was seen stuck in a snow bank off of Powerdam Dr. not far from the soccer fields and between (hidden from view of course) trees and rather then call a tow truck it was seen he had a city loader and 2 city boyz un-free him. This happened on Monday night, what? does he not think people who live in this area did not see him

  3. Mr. WOW… What are you talking about…

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