Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Glen Grant: If you can’t make your point in less than three minutes… April 20, 2012

CFN–  Cornwall Ontario City Councilor had a moment to chat with the media Thursday night and one of the topics was the amount of time that some politicians speak.

The long time city councilor, and active Federal and Provincial Conservative was animated as the topic was discussed.

If you can’t make your point at the council table in less than three minutes you have a problem..

He laughed when asked if he was talking about any specific councilors or politicians and then waxed about his former fellow Councilor Chris Savard’s ability to speak at the council table.

Mr. Grant went on to confirm that he wasn’t suggesting stop watches at the council table.   At the last meeting of council he suggested that council needed more transparency and that more time be spent at the tables instead of in camera.

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James Moak


  1. Glen Grant would make a great next mayor

  2. Thsi would keep Queen Bernadette.. from going on……and on……and on….. and on……just to hear herself talk. 😉

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