CANADA WIDE ALERT FOR Luka Rocco Magnotta in Murder Case and Severed Hand and Foot Sent to Conservative HQ

Facebook Photo of Luka Magnotta

CFN – Are these slow news days in Canada and the US or is our society turning into a freaked out zombie slasher movie?     Today the name Luka Magnotta is the hottest one mentioned in most social media.   Severed body parts sent to the Conservative Party headquarters and a torso found in the garbage in Montreal have created a nation wide alert.  This following the news of a man who ate the face of his victim in Florida.

Montreal police have issued a Canada wide arrest warrant 29-year-old Luka Rocco Magnotta – He also goes by the names Eric Clinton Newman & Vladimir Radulov according to Montreal police.

He is Caucasian, 5-foot-10 and weighs 135 pounds with blue eyes and black hair.

Anyone who spots Magnotta is asked to call 911 immediately.

photo: face book

The occasional model, porno actor, and video maker with links to Serial freaky chick Karla Holmolka is alleged to be the lead suspect in the body parts shipped to the Conservative Party of Canada’s headquarters.   He also has been alleged to make videos killing animals.

What this piece about isn’t that crime which is grist for the mill with all sorts of exotic elements and facets.   It’s the ease in which one finds information that probably shouldn’t be as easily found.

A site that specializes in gruesome images of death, dismemberment, and gore is accessible to anyone.   The site’s owner proudly states that over 1,000,000 million people visit it monthly and that it’s all legal under the guise of news.

I’m not sure which is more odd; that a million people get their freakies on this stuff or that a gay or bisexual actor performer who is alleged to be into necrophilia and cannibalism is political enough to send a foot and hand to political party?

As I watched a brief portion of a video purporting to be this “gentleman” hacking away at a human and then eating some of said person’s flesh I ask myself.

How did we get here, to this and why are a million people a month checking it out?

I’m not going to give out site names or links.  This particular site owner was bragging or complaining that many in the media had and that it’d had been crashing and slowing down.

Recently we ran a non salacious story about a gentleman that left the roof top of a parking garage here in Cornwall.   This being the internet I was utterly shocked that the story received more traffic in 12 hours on that one story than the entire site does in a whole day.     That was astounding and frankly disturbing.

What are we turning into?   What have we become as a society when that turns so many people on?  Is it watching a car accident curiosity or the desensitizing from television, movies, and video games?    While I love shows like the Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire the graphic violence is at times stunning.

This brings us to the point where I have to ask which is worse; the exposure of these horrors and gruesome images for recreational purposes or censorship of some form; at the very least putting into place something that will stop children from being exposed to them.

Because children never should be.    Yes, horrible things happen in the world and sadly people are exposed to real life events, but do they need to be served up in the media; internet or not?

 LUKA interview video

Some of what we know of the man who we’re not even sure is really named Luka Rocco Magnotta is coming together quite quickly from the internet.  He even has his own blog and facebook page.

Xtra Story:

Magnotta appeared in at least two issues of Xtra’s Toronto sister publication, fab magazine. In 2005 Magnotta, who identified himself as Jimmy, told fab he hoped to become a police officer. “I don’t want to do traffic tickets,” he said, “I am thinking vice or homicide.” He also said, “I got a mean XXXX. Me and my buddies made a few videos.” 

My question to you viewers of CFN is whether we need tighter laws and regulations about the exposure of these types of images.  If we can have child pornography laws, why not for this?  Btw, that site I mentioned above even condoned images of that under again the guise of news!

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  1. The latter statement “why are a million people a month checking it out?” really is what is most disturbing! Why on earth would people take pleasure in looking at human flesh being eaten! We live in a sick society indeed.

  2. maybe people who have a history of killing animals should be assessed since it sometimes leads to killing people? just a thought

  3. I would like to know two things. The first being the website where I can watch people being eaten alive. The second, what makes you think he’s gay and is that an allegation against the CAO.

  4. Author

    Wow! I purposely did not link to that site. The gay thing is already openly in the media and as for the CAO…..

  5. I watched that video. After my initial revulsion I became more disgusted. Then I towelled off and put it on a loop. It’s fascinating
    in it’s horror. Narcissism turned to gay rape-murder-dismemberment and posted online is the cap on the Facebook generation.
    We are doomed.

  6. It wasn’t several body parts mailed to the Conservative HQ, it was just the foot. If it was more, than I wouldn’t mind knowing where you attained that information, because the foot, in detail, is all we know of. I know there was a hand that was stopped in transit that was addressed to the Liberal Party’s HQ. And according to interviews, this Luka guy cites himself as being bisexual, and I do not care which, he is a disturbed individual regardless.

    What saddens me about that, though, is that there are people actually using this as an excuse to gay bash. There are quite a few comments I read that target gay people as a whole in regards to what he has done. That also disturbs me greatly and, if you ask me, those people are just as guilty as he is.

    I wonder why people can’t just… be civil. For that, I’m in the same boat: I am also wondering where society went wrong.

  7. The foot was sent to the Conservative HQ. The hand was bound for the Liberal HQ.

  8. Most of societies problems is brought on by the people.
    We as the people have a long history of making heroes out of killers.
    And for some hidden reasons that we do not like to admit, enjoy watching someone acting out their rage.
    My suggestion is, don’t give these kind of people the merit they think they deserve.
    My concern right now are the copy cat killers and the innocent minds they destroy.

  9. Two questions. 1st, will he top himself Raoul Moat style or will he get caught? 2nd question, where on earth can the video now been seen? Bestgore no longer has it and that nyc site has also taken it down.

    Seen it a bunch of times, but can no longer view it.

  10. Is that not what Darwinism teaches us – survival of the fittest? We are nothing more then animals, so why not kill ourselves as animals would do – for no rhyme or reason! The why? The Bible is very clear on the reason – sin, depravity, fallen sinners do what they do best – sin:

    Rom 1:28-32 “Furthermore, because they did not think it worthwhile to retain the full knowledge of God, God gave them over to degraded minds to perform acts that should not be done. They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed, and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, quarreling, deceit, and viciousness. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, haughty, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to their parents, foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. Although they know God’s just requirement-that those who practice such things deserve to die-they not only do these things but even applaud others who practice them”.

  11. I have another thing to say here about this. Karla Homolka was involved with this monster (she is a monster as well who killed her sister and others with her husband Paul Bernado) and the government (do I call this a government – this is a perverted government) who goes and gives this monster woman club fed and a university degree and set her free. I ahve absolutely no respect for this law nor government whatsoever. I would rather see the death penalty come back for killing anyone. Never mind the prison system – just kill them all off including that Bernado, the man who was in the military who killed those women and all the rest of them. We need a complete overhaul of laws in this perverted country and they have the nerve to teach children about sex and perversion. ThanK the Good Lord that I no longer have any kids left in school and no grandchildren. Thank you Lord for this. This world is satan’s world for sure and not fit to live in. The culprits are protected where the victims are victimized. Some world we live in. When one takes the Lord’s Prayer out of the public schools or any school and out of the government, etc. that is what happens. We are living in the last days that is for sure. Thank you Pastor for quoting Romans.

  12. Jules, just a little trivia for you: you talk about having lost respect for “this” government and blame a lot about Karla Homolka on “this” government. Just so you know, Karla Homolka was sentenced during the Liberal’s tenure and was subsequently released from prison during the Liberals tenure. She was released on July 4, 2005 and the elections were held on November 28, 2005. Our present day government had nothing to do with her! It was all Liberals!

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