Hail & Tornado Pelts Cornwall Ontario – Trees Over Turned – Cars Pinned – No UFO’s Reported – June 9, 2012

photo courtesy of Don Smith

CFN – One of the freakiest storms in recent memory hit Cornwall Ontario Friday June 9th.  Trees were ripped up by their roots, quarter size hail pelted the region and rainbows  brightly lit the skies after.

photo courtesy of Don Smith

Power was off across the city as firefighters and police battled the hysteria and disruption.

photo courtesy of Destiny Perkins

While not confirmed, residents claimed a Tornado touched down in parts of Cornwall & Akwesasne.

More Hail Falling

Luckily the storm passed swiftly, moving East, and power was returned to residents by morning.



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  1. wow welcome global warming -I suspect many more storms as this to come -glad nobody was hurt.
    |Its too bad about the UFO,s

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