Is it time to stop calling File Sharing Piracy? Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – June 9, 2012

CFN – Music & Movie piracy are still hot topics.   File sharing has changed the industries as we know them, but have they really changed the bottom line for artists or have they simply revolutionized the distribution channels?

In days of yore DJ’s would take Spinola or Cashola to play records on the radio and help create stars and sell sell sell.

Today people listen and watch differently.   They still share; remember those mix tapes?  Remember those old Betamaxes?    We have draconian laws drawn and shot down with some elements gradually creeping in, but at the end of the day does it really hurt the creators of the content we feed on?


Overall, the MPAA reports that overall admissions to movie theatres between 2002 and 2011 dipped 5% in the U.S. and Canada, but global box office revenue has consistently risen, jumping from $26 billion in 2007 to $32 billion in 2011, a 24% increase in revenue.

There are always people who watched their movies & TV for free.   We used to have over the air TV so people would not even be forced to buy cable.   People also could simply listen to the radio for their music.

Is it all that different than watching and listening on the internet?   When we watch TV or listen to radio we are consuming programming designed for us.  We’re almost being told what to like.  Does anyone really like listening to lip synched Britney Spears on the radio?    Remember MTV and the fuss of Michael Jackson breaking the colour barrier as if he were the first person of colour whose music was loved?

What we consume and how we consume will always change.  Maybe it’s time to retire terms like piracy and simply realize that things evolve and change.  Sure if you were part of the old distribution chain you’re not happy; but then over a hundred years ago as a Blacksmith how happy were you with Automobiles?

And to you movie makers in Hollywood; gouging us at big Movie Plexes diminishes the habit of going to movies.  If you want more bums in the seats bring down the prices!  $20+ per person for a movie and popcorn is kinda nuts; especially with digital projection.

We consumers will always want to see great product and we always will love seeing it in masses.

As they said in Field of Dreams:

If you build it they will come.

Jonny Greenwood


Isn’t it time to stop calling file sharing Piracy and simply evolve it as companies like Apple have done with iTunes?

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