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Language Fairness for All - LFA

Our Philosophy:  English is the working language of Canada and much of the world. A grasp of ALL other languages should be considered an asset, but not mandatory. People are equal, but languages are not.

Our Mission Statement:  Fair hiring practices for ALL Canadians through representation by population.

Our Motto:  Choose language fairness, not sides.

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  1. Do as I say, not as I do. We have all that heard that over our lifetime and many people fall into that category. So I was surprised to hear Jean Lecompte be consistent in that he would expect a Nurse be bilingual if he was falling down right now with a heart attack.

    At first glance, he was sticking to his values as the founding member and President of the Society for the Promotion of Bilingualism. This is a federally incorporated corporation with 3 serving Directors and is even listed in . You can see on that link the evidence French is not under represented by the way. Good for Mr. Lecompte though, strong values all the way in a fictional life or death situation question.

    At second glance, he has been an advisor with Assemblee de la francophonie de l’Ontario of SD&G for a couple of years and the website does not have an English translation button yet after all that time. It must be an oversight! (The difference with the AFO site and the is one receives no taxpayer funding directly or indirectly.) Pushing bilingualism in this case is very one sided and leads me back to my first 8 words.

  2. Congratulations to the Cornwall Free News for not being afraid to print what is going on.

    In Moncton,Freedom of the Press has come under attack and will most likely be muzzled.

    Below is an example of what is happening.

    New Brunswick Acadian Society targets Freedom of The Press

    “The SANB delegates and members gathered in Campbellton gave their board of directors the mandate to get involved in a number of issues by adopting 17 resolutions.

    The Times &Transcript’s editorial positions on duality in health care and on a proposed breast cancer excellence centre to be housed at the Dr. Georges-L. Dumont University Hospital Centre in Moncton were targeted by one of those resolutions. Some members argued that articles, editorials and a cartoon published in the last few weeks were full of falsehoods and subjective information. They also said they believed some editorial comments were discriminatory and “francophobe”.

    The general assembly agreed to publicly denounce the perceived injustices and seek a formal apology from Brunswick News and the Times &Transcript. A complaint will be forwarded to the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission and to journalism associations.”

    The Times – Transcript,Moncton, N.B., 12 June 2012:

  3. New Brunswick congrats and keep up the good and fair fight! We are behind you here in Cornwall. We are so lucky to have the Free News that allows for free speech…….they tell it like it is! The CBC should take some lessons here.

    Congrats to LFA and the new movement for fairness here in Cornwall and the surrounding areas….finally some people with guts that aren’t afraid to stand up against discrimination!

  4. “subjective information” in the editorial? “discriminatory articles”? …lol…what morons! I see their 17 resolutions as discriminatory!

    Please some enlighten NBAS before they make fools of themselves that broadcasting rules allowed for the expression of strong opinions, even biased ones – like the ones NBAS expresses themselves.

  5. Hi Folks, this post is not addressed to Pete. I’ve had to not allow quite a few comments in this story. While I appreciate the passion that many of you feel for your positions we at CFN prefer actual debate as opposed to abuse or name calling. While nothing is perfect and the occasional jab does get through we ask you to remember that if you can’t defend a position other than by abuse then you don’t have much of a position to start with. Thank you. No offense intended.

    And thank you for viewing and participating on CFN.

  6. Thanks CFN civility is a must !
    I am not surprised by those comments having to be moderated .
    Since I started standing up for my rights -verbal onslaughts ensued and perception that I was a racist /bigot -and many more worse words .
    It is surprising that a franophone rights group did not start stoning me to death for for STANDING UP FOR ONES RIGHTS .
    When Rosa Parks refused to sit at the back of the bus -she must have been treated in a similar way.

  7. to compare the massive oppression of the Blacks of southern US during the last 200 years to a perceived slight of language in Ontario understanding is a little on the far fetched side !…No one has ever told an Anglophone to “sit at the back of the bus ” or drink from a segregated fountain…..Be realistic.. sensationalizing or comparing the two is a little pandering to the inbred bias…!! and serves no purpise to the actual discussion other than to inflame!… MR Cameron both sides of this issue have faced ongoing nasty insults and comments for whatever stance or unreasoning… you must have expected some forms of disagreement when you began your journey to revoke any official language acceptance in a community that was generally peaceful in exixtence before you stirred the pot … I believe under the Charter of Rights you have the right to make your views known and others will agree but I don`t see where you are solely the only “victim” in this.. As per the Galganov handbook create derision and unrest in the most bilingual of communities to make a splash of sensational attention… Russell Township knows the feeling and they won !!!!!Appeal will be lost in the signage war and then what? find a new community to reak havoc !!!! Stop dragging down our great city please and run for office.. You are Mr Cameron actuaaly campaigning now as per the terms of elections Canada!! Let our Hospital ge ton with finfing the best health care people we can rather than causing undue stress to those who want to work there!!!!run for political office and good luck….

  8. and certainly no anglophone has been lynched!!

  9. les habitants -french only clinics -where is there inclusiveness there?
    Where are the english only clinics?
    As for Mr.Cameron -you are saying that he does not have a right to fight discrimination?
    As far as I know Mr.Camerons group has not been slinging insults and comments -they are predominately form one direction.
    I am sure a few old suthern boys did the same for Mrs Parks,
    Now aint you need to accept that you are a bigot -you just need to accept that problem .

  10. concerned citizen 2 “the Inclusiveness” is in the societal grand scheme of acceptance and service .. the individual building itself is serving an important segment of the overall society.. that is the inclusiveness…. that is in the fairness to access of services.. no one is saying replace all english with french they are saying we can work together..that is the inclusiveness of bilingualism.. It is working look at “La Citadelle” performance on EQAO testing.. it is not due to funding as all public schools get funding it is due to many other factors…and I`m sure the “freedom movement ” Ms parks initiated would find your oppression comparisions ridiculous… lynching , segregation , inadequate schooling, illiteracy… starvation and pure racial hatred… sounds a tad more stifling in reality !! reREAD my comments .Mr cameron has a Charter Right to express his view like all other Canadians do.. even french speaking canadians and any other culture that calls Canada home and follows the legalities… and respoects the right of others… It is a pure inconsistency for you to claim only Mr cameron has faces verbal abuse.. it has been coming from both sides of the issues.. be real now and fair!! And understand that not all anglos agree with LFA views or directions..and wahtever attempt to insult others like your last comment about some others as bigotted !! that is what ? relevant to the discussion… questionnable semantics there CC2?? I guess when we are passionate about something we overlook the respect that should follow….run fo office,, change the rules fairly instead of dragging down this city!!

  11. Pathetic!!! Let’s go back here a minute and look at the real agenda behind this so called discrimination. A man is denied a job because he is unqualified for the position. He does not fight it at the time of the occurence because there is no violation of the c
    collective agreement nor was there any Human Rights grievance. Had there been I am sure he would have filed a complaint under discrimination then. After the famous letter to the editor, he decides to jump on the bandwagaon and and only then does he cry discrimination and decides to picket for “Equality for All” claiming that the hospital has unfair and discriminatory hiring practises. HMMM…interesting indeed. Obviously the “Equality for All” just didn’t cut it and lo behold now it’s “LFA” which indicates to me that there was really no “In-equality” in his case to begin with……so we must broaden the scope to get more people involved. It would be more difficult to try and gather the masses when it involves an individual case only. That being said, we go with “LFA” and claim the majority are being discriminated against. It is very sad indeed that one individual can create such animosity and divide a city that never had this type of problem before. Personally, had I felt discrimination when being turned down from a job, I would not try to get others to support my cause, I would have fought my own battle (that is if I had a legitimate complaint)

  12. last comment for what its worth.. the “ad” itself is well designed and a good communication tool… to serve its purpose.. see you at the next election…

  13. From what I have read, Russell town council pushed this needless and expensive bylaw on it’s citizens even though three quarters of business already had bilingual signs.
    A few people pushing an ideaolgy on others, much like the federal / provincial NDP & Liberals with bilingulism.

  14. Just to add a little nostalgia here, back in the days when I was a teenager in Montreal we rode on streetcars. I can remember there was a driver and a conductor for tickets. Myself and a few friends were goofing off a little and the francophone conductor approached us and said “Pass to the back of the car before I pass my boot by your ass!” (Shades of Rosa Parks)

  15. Stan……it couldn’t be because you were goofing off that you were told to go to the back of the bus…..heck no. It has to be because you were English. Thinking this is a Human Rights issue for sure……

  16. stellabystarlight, do you really think this has only happened to one person? Did you read Doctor Tamblins letter(s)?
    This is a much bigger issue than one man, who is qualified and being bypassed over language, English people and some biliingual are beginning to stay standing for the same cause even after being told to sit down.

  17. Representation by population is the only reasonable expectation !
    For democracy to exist in Canada we need referendom let the people decide the issue if bilingual should exist in Canada
    -Quebec does not believe in bilingualism -so therefore the remaining 4% can decide their own fate -the rest of Canada can as well.
    Then all cultures can be respected equally without government interference!!
    Now that would be a true democracy!!!

  18. No Stellabystarlight…….how can Chris individually fight for a cause of discrimination towards jobs when the very laws of the land are discriminatory in practice? Chris Cameron is not the only person who has experienced discrimination in the job front. If he were the only person, then why are others standing alongside him? And it seems the majority of New Brunswickers are also adamantly opposed to this social engineering experiment in their province. And I might add, on the health front, do you not see the discrimination with French only health clinics in a majority English speaking province? Where are all the English only clinics in Quebec? Wait a minute, there are laws in Quebec which forbade English signage. Oops I forgot about that!!!

  19. There is something else here as well I might add. When are these commenters going to add credibility to their opinions by giving their real names? Who exactly is les habitants and who is Stella? Afraid to give real names? Please explain?

  20. Credibility to my opinions you say?? Let me assure you that many share my thoughts….the proof is in the pudding and quite obvious when looking and assessing the big picture.

    Perhaps you want to read past post and let me know how many post with their full real name…….as I haven’t noticed.

  21. Stella is les habitants aint he? :). Suffers from the multiple personality disorder as evidenced from his incoherent rumblings.

  22. We won’t take it anymore!!! Ontario Franc’s need to know that English is the working language of Canada,you are welcome to come & live & vacation here BUT leave it as you found it!!!!

  23. to whom it may concern , why are you so hung up on discovering a name or two against your overzealous appeal to mandate abolishment of a whole canadian part of the legal language and culue of Cnada you don`t believe more than one or two people are against your message? If it makes you feel any better .Steela by starlight has some pretty good insights but we are individuals as are many individuals like us who find the need to quash french abhorrent and backwoods

  24. “culture” not culue…not enough coffee this am…apologies…

  25. I am not as concerned with real names as I am with seeing real honest input. There are concerns of preventing family/friend squabbles, times/date stamp variiances from an employer view or a customer changing buying patterns. Mostly though, it is important to concentrate on the issue not the person.

  26. Ontario is 96% English -So to provide services for 4% of one form of minority group is elitism .
    623 million reasons for FLSA to inappropriately disadvantage the majority on hiring policies!
    Having one linguistic group have their own medical clinics relates to segregated groups and that is not harmoniously working together is it?

  27. concerned citizen2.. you can look at that 2 ways!! your way ,and the fact that any clinic that serves a legal recognized official communcations and health care need of an important part of the region (not just Cornwall) is an open access and social acceptance to the over all society it serves.. plus lots of francos ontarians pay taxes!!! and no way does it stop any Anglo or any other language or culture from getting service at any of the 3 other
    clinics… so try to see the over all picture and your not waiting in line behind a “french” patient….

  28. or you can learn french, add to your circle of friends and get service too!!its your choice one of the 3 others or 1

  29. So les habitants (aint)-social acceptance is not having separate clinics when other health area’s provide bilingualism -so lets start having anglos clinics-no bilingual -anglo hospitals (no bilingual ) – as they are are part of the official languages as well .(ps cant have your cake and eat it all too)
    As for the 4% contributing taxes -THEY ARE STILL 4%
    your logic for 4% is appalling –
    Latest stats Canada -french is 13th of languages spoken in Ontario!

  30. Oh by the way -my circle of friends has greatly increased as of myself making a stand on this subject -much more then learning to be more proficient in french -THANK YOU

  31. concerned citizen… should be very concerned indeed. CCH is the only and the biggest hospital in the area and has served our city well. That being said, how can anyone in their right mind want to destroy what we have. How can anyone on a talk radio show encourage people not to donate to such a worthy cause. You may say that this statement is not factual. Encouraging people to call up and telling them to say why they are not donating…… that not a leading statement? It is still being done on other sites. It is beyond comprehension to the “MAJORITY” of citizens and that you can take to the bank. It is appalling to say the least. Don’t kid yourself they know who the instigators are and personally, I would be embarassed to enter the CCH if ever I needed medical care.

  32. I feel the need to quash imperialism in any shape or form. I guess so does the Quebec government with language laws and such. What does this represent? So far I see no arguments from the advocates of French policy speak up against that province’s obviously imperialistic tendencies in pushing a French-only agenda. What are they so afraid of? How can it be morally/ethically right to attempt to abolish an entire language and the practice of it? I find it abhorent. Trust me, I would feel the same way if laws in Ontario were attempting to abolish the French language – the exact vice-versa of which is happening in Quebec. I see no difference in whether a province is set against French, English, German, etc. All languages should be treated equally. Not where one language is legally supported to the detriment of all others; especially with tax payer’s money. If you can’t see through this thin veil of stupidity, then there really is no hope for any reasonal, logical conversation with you. I see it as either one of two ways. First, either the advocates of French language imperialism are so blind as to not see the unfair advantages they possess or two, they see it for what it really is and wish to keep riding the gravy train for as long as possible at all other’s expense. This being said as I’m bilingual and am married to a French speaking woman!

  33. Quebec retook the Plains of Abraham in 1969. They can keep it. Nobody in Canada cares about Quebec anymore. Now, we, Anglos, have to repeal insidious FLSA and OLA and be vigilant our corrupted politicians do not sell out English Canada for a couple of useless Quebec votes. As a first step, press them to invoke the Notwithstanding Clause.

  34. There are now a number of petitions out there for a referendum-well folks its coming -our country is at a crossroads -Quebec is just one peace of the pie -I welcome this change -Quebec has a right to leave who are we to stop -many in this country are fed up with Quebec politics -not the french people.
    They are very self destructive province -like the spoiled child .

  35. If you refuse to accept minority language rights in Ontario because the province is overwhelmingly English, yet decry Loi 101 in Québec as an affront to allophones (read: Anglo-Quebecers), you are Janus-faced.

    Anyways, ROC needs Québec much more than vice-versa; the utterly original and vibrant Québécois culture is what makes Canada distinct from the U.S. There is NO such thing as English-Canadian culture (see dictionary definition, “oxymoron”) — every cultural benchmark in ROC is American (movies, pop music, tv, web sites, language, etc.). Deny this and categorise yourself as “willfully ignorant”.

    In other words, without Québec, ROC is nothing more than an blobbish extension of North Dakota. 😀

  36. Fier d’être Canadien uh, francophone, very few people are talking about removing all French services and that is not the issue. If you can not see the vast amount amounts of money being filtered by Francophone associations indirectly from taxpayers, you need to review more of these letters. Providing jobs only to bilingual people where there is little need, is disrepectville and wrong to the majority. Altering a definition to include more people from other groups, to increase Francophone, provides a telling story on its own.

    Quebec gets over 7 billion dollars a year from other provinces including Newfoundland, they want ROC to be bilingual but enforce French only. Are you sure ROC NEEDS Quebec? If it was not for the federal government and Liberals / NDP everywhere, most of ROC would never have heard of Joe Gatineau and the Mont Blue Rockers.

    I can hardly wait for you to turn up the charm, but try looking in the mirror first.

  37. Fier- Reality check !
    Newfounlanders have their own culture ,PEI ,Nova Scotia as well ,the prairies as expanse as they are -Germanic,many Eastern European cultures thrive there, Calgary is more metropolitan then Montreal in diversity.

    arggggg —-so narrow minded!!!

  38. Fier d’être francophone,Ontario could get along without you very well,You would be off Ontario’s welfare funding & also you could not survive without us or Alberta….Please go…here is your hat

  39. Fier d`etre francophone… you r correct about the janus comparison..funny thing is most of the followers of LFA have no idea what you mean by that!..not to mention some comstant idea they push about abolishing all equal francophone services in Ontario,yet they claim not to want to deny any francophone legal rights in the same breath!!! sounds a little two faced to most real Canadians…

  40. aint les habitant, “if you repeat yourself more then ounce, it doesnt make your affirmation true” 🙂

  41. Les Habitants, Fier d’etre puis les autres………..

    Tell me. When French language zealots have completely destroyed all and any rights English speakers have in Ontario…..will you stand up and support the remaining minority English people who haven’t left Ontario for the Western provinces? Because if French agenda pushers have their way, Ontario will be the next ‘Nouveau Quebec’. Tell me, now, because the track record is not exactly great isn’t it? Please enlighten me about all of the rights of English speakers in Quebec. When you are finished, you can then tell me about Cree people’s rights in Quebec as well. After that, do tell me the tale of the ‘People of the Pines’. Please tell me how the Quebec government took care of the minority rights of the Mohawk people at Oka!

  42. Re Fier d’être ~ “In other words, without Québec, ROC is nothing more than an blobbish extension of North Dakota. ”

    Having spent time in North Dakota, I must tell you that I felt more at home there than in Quebec. No comparison between the treatment received in those two places.Give the choice of which I’d prefer, North Dakota wins hands down.

  43. In Canada we spend millions for a bilingual STOP signs yet in Paris they use the unilingual one because STOP is now universal.

  44. Les Habitants, Fier puis les autres…

    Tell me how you’ll be so supportive of Ontario’s future minority English whenever the vast majority of them move on to the western provinces in search of jobs because of the OLA and FLSA. Ontario, west of Kingston, is pretty much part of ‘Nouveau Quebec’ (aka Eastern and Northeastern Ontario).

    I think Quebec’s stance on minority rights (signs, employment, language laws) will be much telling of the new laws that will impact Ontario in the not-to-distant future. The Anglos who will not leave Ontario will not be much better treated than they currently are in Quebec!

    And we all know that minority rights are very well protected in Quebec now, don’t we? Minority English are treated with the utmost respect as indicative of sign laws, language laws etc. Let’s not forget too the Aboriginal Cree of Northern Quebec as well as the People of the Pines! Seems to me that the municipal leaders at Oka were all too accomodating to the Mohawks who wanted their burial grounds protected!

    Let’s face it. French language zealots will have no quelms about declaring martial law to quash what will be perceived as civil disobedience. Are we not seeing this on the nightly news with Quebec student strikes that are currently taking place?

  45. To “fier”…how much did you respect me as a Quebecer when I was growing up and living and working in YOUR province? How much did my language, my culture (and to deny there is an English Canadian culture, please think of Nikki Yanofsky, April Wine, Leonard Cohen, Corey Hart, Bowser and Blue, Lorne Elliot, Sass Jordan, Andy Kim, Arcade Fire, the McGarrigle sisters, Men Without Hats, Sam Roberts, Charley Biddle, Oliver Jones, Oscar Peterson, and Ranee Lee—and those are ONLY English SINGERS from KEBEC!) mean to you to include me? EVEN TODAY I get harasssed in Kebec for having the audacity to speak and demanding service in MY language. If this is how you treat your minorities, you should be not at ALL surprised when the rest of English Canada turns its back on you at last.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have another vote on separation! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have more anti-English demonstrations and laws! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show your true colours (not ALL francophones are racist anglophobes) and show how you hate the English language and anyone who speaks or displays it! It will be SO much easier to convince Canadians we don’t need, want or support you any more.
    I spent four decades in Kebec. Only last year when we dared march for English rights (you know,. the same rights you demand in every other province even though numbers do not warrant it like the do in Kebec?) and we were threatened, followed, harrassed, taunted and were it not for police presence, would have been assaulted.
    THAT is the true face of French Kebec.
    French rights everywhere, English rights nowhere.
    Where numbers warrant, but ONLY in Kebec.
    And here’s the best part…you actually get English Canada to FUND all these service! Well done! I tip my chapeau to you, because you are unbelievably successful extortionists!
    Ironically, I work in both of Canada’s official languages in Ontario in each of my jobs. Would I get the same opportunity in Kebec with my accent and English name (despite fluency at a level of 7-8 out of 10, FAR better than the so-called “bilinguals” who can barely put two sentences together in English)?
    Not a chance.

    Here’s a thought I have been advocating for years: Make the law that CANADA (or English Canada) will ONLY be as French as Kebec is English. You want fairness? You want equality? Clean up your own house first. ANY discussion of TRUE bilingualism starts WITH and IN Kebec. Or there is no discussion and the proponents lose ALL credibility.

    The question is, are you willing to fight for minority rights when the minority is ANYTHING but francophone?
    My guess is no.

    Prove me wrong. I’d love it.
    Demand fair treatment of ALL language minorities in EVERY province.
    Fund ENGLISH ONLY hospitals and schools in Kebec with taxpayer dollars.

    Go ahead.
    We’ll wait.
    (But not for long.)

  46. In Nova Scotia a French school has been built and there aren’t and students in in yet. Perhaps they will advertise in Quebec to get students. As a result of the 14 French schools here, the Provincial NDP government had to cut funding for English schools. The French even have a large Junior High School with only 12 French students in it. Thanks to all the NS English taxpayers who are actually paying the French to take their children’s jobs.

  47. All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.

  48. It’s Time To REALLY Fight Back ~ Howard Galganov

    The Second Highest Court in the land has spoken . . . And it’s time to FIGHT-BACK:


    I have been embroiled in a battle over whether or not Freedom of Expression does indeed exist in Canada for EVERYONE, or whether that Freedom is open to interpretation by minority French language tyrants, self-serving sellout politicians, and ACTIVIST JUDGES . . . have learned by Judicial fiat – FREEDOM of Expression in Canada is a ONE WAY STREET.

    I will deal with TYRANNY of the MINORITY, since . . . until we tell them where to get-off, they will never stop their constant bitching and demands for privileges and rights above and beyond what is enjoyed by the majority.

    And I will DEAL with the politicians in a way that is just not done in Canada.

    But . . . What has become critical in Canada, just like it is in the USA; is what we can do about Activist Judges who make the laws opposed to protecting them?

    The beauty of a Constitution – or in this specific case . . . Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms . . . is that it should be an inviolable Pledge that makes Canada as FREE as possible, with the LEAST amount of government intrusion imaginable.


    Like most Democracies, where politicians and bureaucrats work overtime just to create laws, regulations and intrusions into the lives of the people who pay them, do so just because they can – and MORE so, because they have to justify their bloated salaries, perks, lack of real work, and pensions – Canada is no different.

    As if a bloated and INTRUSIVE government isn’t bad enough, it is what they will do or say for votes – that is way over the top.

    THE BIG LIE . . .


    Some Quick Statistics:

    1 – Canada’s Population 34,000,000.
    English Speakers 80% . . . French Speakers 20%

    2 – Ontario’s Population 13,000,000
    French Speakers 4%

    3 – Quebec Population 8,000,0000
    French Speakers 80%

    French Speakers in all of Canada EXCLUDING Quebec . . . that does not consider itself Canadian – LESS THAN 3%.

    Canada is a country where the mass of people who consider themselves to be French, live almost entirely in the ethnocentric separatist province of Quebec, that through gutless federal political appeasement, it has been recognized by Canada’s Parliament as a NATION within Canada, where the UNRESTRICTED use of the English language is AGAINST the law.

    Remember what I just wrote:

    IN QUEBEC . . .

    THE UNRESTRICTED USE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IS AGAINST THE LAW where almost 20% of the people do not consider themselves to be French.

    How did it come to pass, that in a country such as Canada, where a Constitution and a Charter of Rights and Freedoms is in place to PROTECT & GUARANTEE Freedoms, such as Freedom of Expression . . . that the UNRESTRICTED use of the English Language could possibly become ILLEGAL anywhere?

    It came to pass for many reasons, BUT FOR THREE MORE THAN ANY.

    1 – The politicians SOLD-OUT all of their principles, if indeed they ever had any, just to win votes. They went along with racist and coercive French language laws, so as to not upset French language and cultural BIGOTS who might otherwise not vote for them.

    2 – The English-speaking minority within Quebec (a bit less than 20%), INCLUDING the English Language Media, went along with being under the cultural thumb of French BULLIES for two reasons:

    a . . . Because the English speakers didn’t want to be seen to be anti-French.
    b . . . Because the English community leaders were elitist cowards who placed more value on appeasement than upon Freedom.

    3 – The LEFTIST Courts saw their roll in defending Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms as being interpretive, instead of them being the ultimate Gate-Keepers to all the Freedoms.

    As a result of political dishonesty, English community cowardice, and Judicial ACTIVISM, Canada is a severely divided country existing under a MYTH – that it is bilingual.

    In 100% . . . absolute . . . incontrovertible TRUTH . . . the VAST majority of French Quebecers see themselves as Quebecois before being Canadian.

    They also see Canada as a cookie jar, where they expect and DEMAND that English speakers throughout the other nine Provinces and three Territories feed their extreme LEFTIST appetite as if it is somehow coming to them.

    But that’s the way it has been in Quebec from the very beginning of Confederation since 1867.

    Quebec is the Province of my birth, and the birth of my parents, that I left in the year 2000, to live in the English Province of Ontario, where ONLY 4% of the population consider themselves to be French.

    So . . . How does it happen that in the Province of Ontario, where the population is 96% English, and just about 100% English speaking, that the UNRESTRICTED USE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE BECOMES ILLEGAL?

    You read that RIGHT – In English Ontario . . .


    AND HERE’S HOW IT HAPPENED . . . Several communities in Ontario, which are relatively near to Ottawa, where there are significant numbers of French residents amongst English Ontarians, coerced the towns through ethnocentric threats such as – not passing a FORCED bilingual commercial sign bylaw is anti-French and RACIST.


    To win the passage of these ANTI-ENGLISH bylaws, all that was needed were: a compliant and ignorant English majority, a MUTE media, self-serving gutless politicians, and an Activist FRENCH/BILINGUAL Judiciary that made it LEGAL to OBLITERATE the section of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (section 2b) that was created to GUARANTEE Freedom of Expression by FORCING people to use the language of OTHERS.

    As of June 2012, a unanimous Ontario Court of Appeal decision ruled that:

    Even though FORCED bilingual signs violate Constitutional Guarantees for Freedom of Expression, the Judges overruled the Charter of Rights and Freedoms because in their minds . . . IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

    I’m going to leave you with this:

    1 – At the demand of the “OTHER” side, all the Judges who heard the case had to be bilingual, which means one of two things: That the Judges are either French who can speak English, or English with a PROCLIVITY towards the French.

    Either way . . . I am quite certain that we never had a chance in Court, since the deck was stacked against us from the very beginning.


    We have made arrangements to Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, which I have no great faith in, since the Supreme Court has already demonstrated many times over, that they too do not have the gravitas to stand in defense of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, above and beyond all specious French DEMANDS.

    I’ve had ENOUGH . . . And after years of playing DEFENSE, naively expecting the justice system to work as it should, I will MUCH sooner rather than later be taking the FIGHT to the Ethnocentric French Activists, to the Courts, AND MOSTLY TO THE POLITICIANS.

    I am more than prepared to stir the pot, take the flack, the threats, and the insults that will come my way because I am determined to win back what should have NEVER been taken from me and the majority of English Canadians.


    I will outline my battle-plan within the next few editorials, as the artwork and media are being developed and produced to carry us into battle.

    But I will tell you all this – This is not a battle I can fight alone. Nor do I intend to.

    Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov
    A Very Pissed-Off Canadian.

    July 21, 2012 , Howard Galganov ,


    July 21, 2012

    Howard Galganov has put his life on hold while he takes on the various battles that are important to him. We, in the language group, are just lucky that he has decided to help us by taking on the language challenge in the courts. It is NOT a small matter – such a challenge requires a person who has the ability to communicate and communicate effectively; plus the courage to use his own financial resources to take on this expensive challenge.

    We, at CLF, have done our best to raise part of the funds for him but we feel that not enough of our readers are sufficiently concerned to help out. That is not to say that we don’t have very generous supporters who are willing to put their money where their mouths are and who have sent us thousands of dollars over the last 5 years to help out in our mutual fight. However, we did expect more of our readers to show concern and sad to say, the majority of them are just willing to pay lip service and nothing else. It is amazing when you think about the thousands of English and French-speaking Canadians who say that this policy is NOT fair (it is never fair to give the minority so much control over the majority and using any criteria, no matter if it’s language, skin colour or ethnic origin) but who are not willing to send ANY financial support for a battle that has to be fought in the courts, no matter how difficult that is. The bulk of the financial burden has fallen on Howard’s shoulders.

    I know, I know, many people have contributed in the past and they say that it has not led to any progress. All I can say is that these people are wrong. Because of our continuing effort to put this issue on the radar – the language issue is no longer a fringe issue, only supported by a few people. More and more groups are starting up, more and more blogs exist that high-light this issue and the SunTV has come forward to give some exposure to this lop-sided situation we have vis-a-vis Quebec. I read the letters written and the comments posted on every language debate in cyberspace and there are many people who think like we do. The only thing is that they are not willing to do anything other than complain!!!

    I very, very seldom ask for financial support but I am asking now, on behalf of Howard Galganov and Jean-Serge Brisson who are willing to take this battle right up to the top and they need your help.

    For those who are able to travel to Williamstown for a fund-raising BBQ on Howard’s horse farm, I have attached an invitation below his editorial. All I want is a tentative response – it doesn’t matter if the eventual result is that you cannot come for whatever reason. If you think that you can make it, let me know. Whether Howard goes ahead with this event is totally up to the response he gets. A Yes, No or even a Maybe – that’s all we need just now.

    Kim McConnell
    Editorial: Its Time To REALLY Fight Back –
    Galganov Dot Com wants to play our part in unmasking the phonies who sit atop their ivory towers in …

  49. Hi Friends,

    Please join us at Howard Galgonov’s Home;Saturday August 11 for Howard Galgonov Fundraiser BBQ @ noon. Rain date is August 12.

    $25.00 per person-you may pay at door,but we must have a confirmation if you plan to attend.RSVP ONLY.

    Howard is committing full-time to fighting the battle & he needs to raise money for the cause.

    Let me know as soon as possible if you will be joining us.


    Chris & Deb

  50. Hi Friends,

    A friendly reminder about LFA’s Act of Activism tomorrow;

    Wednesday August 8,2012
    EOHU – Eastern Ontario Health Unit
    1000 Pitt St.

    Wear red &/or white & if you are a health care worker wear a uniform.
    We plan to have a BIG surprise,don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet!!!

    See you soon,

    Deb & Chris
    Language Fairness for ALL

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