So Who Is Going to Win the Scott Gomez Sweepstakes? Habs Centre to Prop Up Cap Floor?? July 7, 2012

CFN –  With all the buzz about the Free Agent crop this year and Zach Parise & Suter signing with Minnesota not too many are talking about the Scott Gomez sweepstakes.

In the NHL you have to hit the cap floor and if you’re one of 13 NHL currently under the $54.2 Million dollar floor Mr. Gomez is the gem.   Yes, he had the worst year of his career, but he never really had a chance this past season.   A new city; new team mates and management, and maybe a smaller media market may rekindle a 40-50 point season out of the Alaska native.

Top choice I think is Columbus; especially if they don’t get a big salary back in the upcoming Rick Nash deal.   Derek Brassard would look good playing for les bleu, blanc, et rouges and Columbus while getting the fat $7M cap hit would only have to pay $5.5M this year and $4.5M next year giving them two years of Cap floor support as they rebuild after trading away their only super star.

Nashville currently has the lowest payroll after losing Ryan Suter to free agency and may be a good fit for Tomas Kaberle?

Phoenix is also a potential trade partners with the Habs; especially if they decide to trade Keith Yandle.

What do you think Hockey fans?  You can post your comments below.

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